Month: January 2015

A few of my favourite leather Biker jackets. For more inspo, head to

My favourite looks with a biker leather jacket

It took me about 6 weeks to realise that the biker leather jacket I searched high & low for weeks in our home in London, was in one of our cupboards in France where I had left it last time I came down. I haven’t got this commuting between London and France quite sorted out yet :-) So I’m gonna wear mine today with leather trousers and since a lot of you loved the biker jackets I featured on yesterday’s post, Instagram and Facebook, I’ve put together my favourite looks for you below.


5 things I want right now!

How are you doing guys? I had a pretty tough week, mostly because our site has been experiencing technical issues and for an online shop, it’s never good news but I’m trying to keep my spirits up by focusing on my fitness goals. I went for a run yesterday and felt sooo good afterwards, sport is really salvation. It doesn’t solve everything but it really helps you to handle stress in a much better way. I hope you’re still very focused on your goals too. Don’t give up! Just focus on one day at the time and trust the process. If you eat clean and exercise daily (be it an intense cardio circuit, a walk, a run or yoga), just make sure you make it part of your lifestyle. Eventually it will pay off and think how much fun we will have wearing all the things we want or look at our wardrobe without ever thinking “this doesn’t fit me”   1/ Out of the 5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! this week is, this fabulous leather jacket. …

Style & Fashion


Hi guys! I worked on the shop until 2am on Thursday so stupidly, I was too tired to do my weekly 5 Things I want right now! fashion post. However, the great news is that I’m starting a new mini series called LOOKBOOK#, which will be a series of stylish looks I love/wear/covet true to my style (also on Pinterest here). 

Moodboard in the home of BODIE and FOU Founder >>

Design updates in our lounge | Renovations

One thing I was looking forward to doing once the renovations* were over, was to re-do my family B&W mood board. You may have seen the original one in Bolig magazine here, VT Wonen here, Elle Decoration here and Milk magazine here. If you are using masking tapes, it’s a very easy project to do and one that I find very uplifting and versatile. Ultimately I want to make a family mood board out of all the smiling family photos we have. I realised when I put this montage together how amazing it made me feel to look at Mila‘s infectious smile over and over but I haven’t got around to print them all so for now I’m using printed photos I had. It’s also a great, creative project if you rent a space and you don’t want to damage the walls.

4 tips to create a serene, natural look at home

One look that I love at home is the natural look (you can follow my Pinterest board here), which I find not only calming and soothing but very beautiful and in harmony with what Nature has to offer so here are my four tips to create a serene, natural look in your home…

Bobo Choses SS 2015 collection. For more kids fashion, go to >>

Bobo Choses SS 2015 Collection

One of my favourite brands to dress Mila is BOBO CHOSES (available at Elias and Grace in the UK and Smallable in France). I’ve watched them growing from a small indie brand in 2008 into a beloved worldwide brand and each season, their collection fills me with joy and inspiration. I would love to style their collection once and I really wish they would do some of their sweatshirts for women too!


5 things I want right now!

Good day for a fashion post…As mentioned on Instagram, I’ve lost weight and I’m down from 67kg on 30/12/2014 to 65.2kg today so very happy and most importantly, I’m feeling good. I still feel the aches from the abs workout on Wednesday but I also feel a lot stronger mentally. Following Kayla‘s plan, I’ve re-introduced grains in my nutrition plan (quinoa, rice, rye bread) and it keeps me full throughout the day. 1/ Mango has some great black trousers in the sale right now. My favourites are these high-waist biker trousers (featured above), these welt pocket leggings and these slim-fit trousers. 2/ In the 5 Things I want Right Now! last week, I mentioned  my favourite trench from Burberry but if you are on a budget, GAP has a great classic trench in camel or navy. Personally, I’m also big fan of the J. Crew classic trench which is a happy compromise between the two above. 3/ I grabbed a few of couple of these Monotype notebooks in the BODIE and FOU Sale because I’m sucker for black notebooks and …