Month: February 2015

How to deal with hurtful, unsolicited comments

How to deal with hurtful, unsolicited comments

A couple of days ago I posted this photo of myself on Instagram…no make up, hair with a mind of its own and a genuine smile because I just had done something good for myself. I got some really nice comments on IG for which I’m really grateful. The truth is I don’t look as slim in real life. I’ve mentioned this the first time I posted a photo of myself in these shorts and it’s really not false modesty. I’m aware of my flaws the same way I’m aware of my achievements. I’m not that lean yet but this photo still made me feel good because it was a testimonial of how far I had come to be comfortable enough at the age of 45 to put a photo of myself out there without make-up and showing my wrinkles….until someone close to me crushed me and pointed out that my legs were not really looking like this.


5 things I want right now!

By the time you’ll read this, I’ll be on my way to the mountains so this week, I favoured stylish, comfy pieces to have on the slopes 1/ I love the slimming shape of these ski pants 2/ To keep me warm, I’m taking this cashmere beanie with matching shawl from Hush 3/Last weekend, I bought myself this overdyed sweatshirt with glitter which I’m wearing here (I didn’t get a face job, I was trying to add a blur effect and on the small screen it looked ok, on the big screen…not so much). The sweatshirt is a large fit but I thought it would be nice to wear after my Bikram yoga class.  I wore it this week at work with a pair of faux leather leggings and my Isabel Marant sneakers 4/ A pair of Sorel to walk in the snow and a comfy pair of sheepskin boots to head to the spa or in town. 5/ Last year, I featured several parkas I loved (like this one with its teal faux-fur hood which is really lovely but not really suitable for skiing) and some of them are now available in the …

decorating with light garland. For more inspiration, go to

4 ways with light garlands

Have you used these light garlands indoors? I’ve always used mine outside when we had friends around for a BBQ or for Mila’s birthday party. At home, I tend to use fairy lights which are a lot smaller but I’m really loving how festive these garlands make a home feel festive throughout the year.


5 things I want right now!

Channelling Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s style (my second French style icon after Emmanuelle Alt), this week 5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! is very much about walking around the streets of Paris and going on a road trip to the Brittany coast…so let’s go



Today’s outfit… I have two important meetings today and one of them is about a project that totally fires me up so will see what happens. As I was getting ready this morning, after doing my circuit and having my fav green smoothie, I thought to myself, there is actually nothing that makes you feel like you are on top of the world than working out and feeding your body with good things. Keep it up girls, it’s so worth it and vive les carrots!

hand knitted Black sisal Z1 pendant light from

Modern textured style for the home

Following my recent post on “How to decorate with black pendant lights”, we had lots of queries for this striking hand knitted black sisal Z1 pendant light, which is now available for pre-order. You can also see the version below in this beautiful family warehouse in Amsterdam I featured last year.

9 sexy, little lingerie numbers you and I deserve

9 sexy, little lingerie numbers

I’ve never bought lingerie for a guy, always for myself but if it works on him, then it’s even better. I usually renew my collection of Elle McPherson Intimates when we go to New-Zealand at Bendon but since we spent last Christmas in London, I reckon it’s time to treat myself.


5 things I want right now!

As much as I would love to feature all the pretty things I’ve seen for SS/2015 like this denim shirt dress, it will have to wait because it’s damn cold and I need to cover up so today is all about being warm, comfy and sexy. 1/ To be warm (and sexy), this faux-fur jacket is just perfect (from £69.99 down to £34.99!) 2/ I kind of hesitated between this pretty Astrid top and a comfy Sloppy Joe sweatshirt and then I thought…naaaan its’ Friday, let’s go for Joe! 3/ These Lara cropped stretch linen & cotton skinny pants will be perfect to start showing my toned legs hahaha 4/ and OMG….isn’t this Marcie bag by Chloé just gorgeous or what!? 5/ and to complete the look, a pair of Dickers boots by Isabel Marant which you can also wear with this gorgeous embroidered dress (next on my list!). Have a fabulous day and don’t forget to be healthy and drink water ;-) SHOP THE POST