Month: March 2015


5 things I want right now!

Today’s post is inspired by my sister‘s look yesterday… 1/ She was wearing a long, light parka suitable for Paris’ rainy weather (today the sun is shining) but this new military jacket is right on trend and perfect for Spring 2/ We are both fans of white t-shirts with V-neck and these from Hush are great and stay in shape. 3/ She was wearing it with an Isabel Marant biker jeans from last season but these cropped skinny jeans would look great too 4/ and a pair of Stan Smith that she didn’t want me to try on because she is 36 and I’m 37 but I tried them on anyway for a split second when she was in the kitchen and they are super cool!! 5/She had a really nice black shoulder bag from Polder similar to this Jerome Dreyffus bag Today is sunny so we are off out and about. Have a great day and stay healthy! SHOP THE POST:

Hair envy on the blog

How to rock sexy, wavy mid-length hairstyles

I’m off to Paris on Friday and I’ve booked an appointment with my sister‘s hairstylist who made me look like a Goddess last time she cut my hair. When I kicked off my journey at the start of the year to become a 40* something leaner, fitter, sexier version of myself, I also promised myself that I would 1) cut my hair shorter, 2) make the time to master blow-dry like I’m coming out of the hairdresser…you know when it’s super bouncy, silky and glamorous and 3) doing make-up like Lisa Eldridge. Since I’m turning 46 on Monday, I thought there is no time for new beginnings than now so here is the look I’m going for:

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables. Read on >>

5 minimalist, stylish dining tables

I love having friends around for diner but as I also work regularly from home, I love a large dining table that can double-up as a nice, minimalist desk when I need to spread myself. In our home in London, we have the slice table which is made of oak and gives our lounge a beautiful Scandinavian vibe. I was convinced I had shared with you pictures of our new lounge with the resin floor after the renovations but I haven’t so I will post some photos later on this week. When it comes to the soft industrial look, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Vipp table which has a tabletop made of untreated, recycled planks making each table unique. The only downside is that this beauty will set you back £2899. Way more affordable and very similar in style is the Form table (sample available at 20% OFF here).

My journey to a healthier, leaner, fitter version of myself Part 1. >>

My journey to a fitter, healthier version of myself

  Since so many of you have been following my journey on Instagram, I thought it would be useful to share my journey to a fitter, leaner, healthier version of myself or “How to get fit and healthy in your forties” with more information than Instagram allows. So here are a few facts about myself: Age: 45 years (46 on 30/03/2015) Starting weight on 27/12/2014: 67 kg, current weight: 63 kg, weight loss: 4kg, height: 1m55 Fitness: @Kayla_itsines BBG, Bikram yoga, cardio classes at the gym, 45 min. walk to the office Nutrition: 90% clean eating. Alcohol once a month. Health: BMI overweight (calculate your BMI here), terrible IBS, occasional backaches Weight goals: 10kg in total (need to lose an extra 3kg on top of what I’ve already lost to reach a healthy BMI)


5 things I want right now!

Earlier this week, I had the chance to preview the new SS15 Hush collection including their first ever beachwear collection and I spotted these two great dresses. They are not online yet but let me tell you then when they are, I will definitively snap the black one and they have a gorgeous little black top with handmade embroidery. In the meantime, I’m ordering these white boyfriend jeans, this gorgeous leather top and this glitter clutch which looks much nicer than in the catalogue! If you want to tone up your arms to wear the top above, try this Tracy Anderson work out (long version here but it’s a killer!) My favourites this week are 1/ Be Happy, kind of obvious but the more I reach my well-being & fitness goals, the more I feel happy inside 2/ This is the top I’m ordering! It is just plain beautiful, stunning leather, lovely cut…just perfect 3/ This Miu Miu shoulder bag would be great to wear with it. 4/ I love wearing silver in winter and I treated myself to this pretty heart pendant necklace …

Bathroom in loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

Loft conversion renovations, part 1

  When we started our major renovations in our London home, the first big project we tackled was the loft conversion to create a double-bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Once this new room was finished, we pretty much moved in and camped there for about 7 months while the builders were working their way down through the second floor to create a new room where the terrace was, then the first floor where we raised the floorboards and finally to the ground floor where we replaced the tiles and floorboards by a resin floor and fitted a new kitchen. You can see more photos on Instagram under #bodieandfourenovations.   The whole loft conversion project took about 7  weeks which is actually pretty quick and was partly due to the team working quickly and us being able to get the material they needed on time (floorboards, bathroom fitting, tiles, heating). The end result turned out even better than what we had in mind. I remember coming back from our pop-up store with Vipp in Copenhagen to a house with no roof (very impressive!). The day after …


5 things I want right now!

It’s Red Nose Day  today and there is a nice interview of Emma Freud, Director of Red Nose Day and brilliant Superwoman on the Hush blog. Hush are making donations this weekend and here is my top 5 from their fab Daywear collection1/ I’m loving this boyfriend shirt 2/ This Santa Monica dress is fantastic for the Summer. I’m also loving this gorgeous grecian dress which didn’t fit the colour scheme of my selection but is fab! 3/  A wardrobe staple, this denim jacket is a must-have 4/ You can’t beat a stripe top for a bit of French style or a weekend away on the coast of Brittany 5/ and if you’re doing Kayla’s circuit, soon you will be able to sport this denim mini skirt ;-)

LET IT GO print from BODIE and FOU


Letting it go…It’s not always as easy as it seems but practice makes perfect believe me :-) If you are in need of a positive, powerful mantra to look at every day until it happens….this LET IT GO print is for you and you can get it with 20% OFF. Don’t thank me, it’s ok. Love