Month: March 2015

5 uplifting things to do in pink. Read on >>

Pink Interior details

I find whites very soothing and they calm me down but when I feel a bit under the weather like today (I missed this gorgeous child of mine), I find pink very uplifting. Just looking at this beautiful pink patio cheered me up. We have now decided to paint our front door in London in pink again but I think one of our walls in our holiday home in France deserves a pink coat, somewhere! anywhere! Have you used pink in your home?


5 things I want right now!

Now that I’m out of my ski gear, it’s time to have fun again. I bought a very nice jumpsuit while in Andorra which I will show you once I feel normal again and I’ve managed to get rid of my cold and blocked nose. 1/ This week I love this gorgeous grey tunic from Acne Studios to wear over a pair of white jeans. My favourites are these Ridley skinny jeans and I just spotted a cool pair of boyfriend jeans in white from Hush Homewear. 2/ My next treat on achieving my fitness goals will be this gorgeous Mamba clutch in black from L’Atelier13, a small indie label. I follow Anne-Sophie who is based in Paris on Instagram and I love her style so I’m pretty sure you will love it too. 3/A great investment piece is this buttery pair of Liv leather leggings in caviar to wear with a pair of Converse or New Balance (I want these grey vintage trainers), a white t-shirt and this fab knitted biker jacket 4/For a sexy, smart look, I would wear the Liv leggings with this beautiful pair of Lola …

How to raise a confident child

12 ways to raise a confident child

  We recently came back from skiing in Andorra and one thing I really enjoyed, was to witness the very special, close relationship Lily (11 years old) and Mila (10 years old). Both have grown into self-confident, caring and funny little human beings since we first took them skiing at the age of 4 and 5. In my recent interview with Motherland, I said that the most challenging about motherhood is letting your child become the person they are meant to be and not a version of yourself or your tastes and to instil self-confidence in them. As I see the amount of bullying going on in school or online, more than ever, I feel it is important to help our children to be self-confident and have a healthy sense of who they are regardless of how they look so here are my two cents…   1/Tell them you love them…every single day and that they are worth it My parents love all three of us but I also remember that each time I wanted to …