Month: April 2015

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Loft conversion renovations, part 2

We’ve now received our new Sophie bed from so I’m finally able to share with you the bedroom side of our loft conversion (read Part 1  here). I still need to hang my black & white prints on the wall, add a desk and finishing touches but I think these first photos will show you what the room looks like finished given it was looking like this, this and this to start with! (more photos of our renovations here)

How to create an effortless, stylish, natural look at home. More inspo at

How to achieve an effortless, natural look at home

Last Friday, my friend Mandy and I had a good laugh because our respective businesses (hers is Hush Homewear and for those who don’t know this, mine is BODIE and FOU) were built on the back of great style, French chic, Australian laid-back style and relaxed vibes and our girls, being pre-teens, have sometimes, gone on the opposite side of spectrum with pink leggings and mismatched outfits. When she went to France for the school year, I let Mila decorate her bedroom in our home there but a snapshot of her bedroom with mismatched cushions, colours & patterns on her Instagram, freaked me out (don’t look for it, I have deleted the photo hahaha). The good news is that we are finally turning a corner and since she saw her cousin’s bedroom in Paris (which is almost a BODIE and FOU showroom), she has decided she wants the same look and hallelulia to that! So if you have kids who loves spreading Lego or a boisterous dog with long hair like ours, breathe… there is a light at the end of the tunnel and here are …

Loft conversion, Home of Karine Kong, Founder of READ ON >>

5 things I want right now!

I went to various AW2015 press day yesterday including Urban Outfitters and Karen Millen and saw lots of really nice things including this beautiful leather skirt from Urban Outfitters. The Karen Millen collection drew its inspiration from the 70s and iconic women like Anjelica Huston, Jane Birkin and Farraw Fawcett….expect gorgeous, feminine cuts and Autumn colours to come but right now, let’s focus on Summer!!!! 1/The Fringe trend is still on next season so this grey fringe bag would be a great investment to wear throughout this Summer and next season plus I love the grey colour which is a nice change from the usual black or brown version we see everywhere. 2/ I’m not big on jewellery. I love simple, discreet things but I treated myself to this heart necklace for Mother’s Day and it has become one of my favourites (I’m wearing it here). Sadly, the silver one is now sold out but there is a few left in gold. 3/I think you know by now that I love jumpsuits. It’s versatile, practical, stylish and I’m a big fan of this Native Rose …

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How to update your old sofa without buying a new one

Have you ever looked at your old sofa and thought…“argh you ugly thing I can’t stand you anymore!” ? Well it was pretty much how I felt about our old sofa in our holiday home in France. We bought it eight years ago and while it is still very comfy and serves a perfect purpose for our home that has often two or three families and lots of kids hanging out, in the past two or three years I had grown really tired of its sight…

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way. Read on

How to deal with anxiety in a positive way

I think we all suffer from anxiety at some point in our lives. Job, break-up, loss, move, changes, anything stressful can trigger some anxiety, which sometimes escalades into panic attacks (and these really suck!) or worse case scenario into depression. I had an interesting conversation recently with my sister about anxiety. She had read that anxiety was like a messenger that meant well. The only thing, it speaks a foreign language and it keeps coming back until we’ve finally understood what it is trying to say. “I love the idea” says Elodie but “I have absolutely no clue about what I’m supposed to understand and this little shit keeps waking me up with its crypted message in the middle of the night!”. This made me burst out laughing at a time I felt like crying but I think it’s really helpful and calming to look at anxiety like an omen that genuinely wants to help us.


5 things I want right now!

I’m so excited it’s almost the weekend…I have been drinking salted water to bring back my low blood pressure to normal and I can feel my energy coming back and the weather is just glorious!!! So here is what I really want this week!

The perfect little white dress. Read on

The perfect little white summer dress

A while ago I posted a photo of me on Instagram, green smoothie in hand, wearing a lovely white cotton dress and many of you asked me where it came from. It was from Zara but I had bought it 3 or 4 years ago and I wore it to death. The shoulders are now so ripped off that they are beyond repairs but I thought this little number from Urban Outfitters was a great alternative. I also very much love this Sessún Delphina embroidered dress. Which one do you prefer? 

The meaning of blue in colour psychology. Read on >>

The impact of colours on your well-being

I’m always interested in things that can improve our well-being in an holistic way rather than treating just the symptoms of a disease, aren’t you!? Being passionate about interiors and creating a feel-good home, I thought it was interesting to delve into colour psychology where colours are used as a holistic way of treating the mind and body. Did you know that blue is believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain while indigo shades are thought to alleviate skin problems? People react very emotional to the wide range of different colors. By looking at one we connect it with our memories to associate the color with personal experiences. Especially for marketing activities colors are perfect to arouse emotions. Interesting: Colors can have three different effects. Blue is a colour that symbolises trust, loyalty and confidence but did you know that in colour psychology where colours are used as a holistic way of treating the mind and body, blue is believed to soothe illnesses and treat pain while indigo shades are thought to alleviate skin problems?