Month: September 2015

The Creative Process...Currently living the dream

The creative process

As mentionned here, procrastination was my middle name today and it is not fun when it happens. I’m currently stuck between no 3 and no 4, getting ready to jump to no 6. Normally, when one of these days happens,

Our white bedroom update

Our white bedroom update

Since we finished our house renovations, I have been resisting hanging picture frames onto our walls. I love our white pristine walls so much that I don’t find enough incentive to change things and hang all the pictures we have. Hence, I have a nice collection of black & white prints on the floor in our lounge. Yet these pictures frames looked so good on the wall together that I’m planning to make a similar display in the top bedroom where we converted the loft. In our bedroom, I wanted to achieve a soothing look so I used stonewashed linen on our bed and just put a few photos on the wall fixed with masking tape. The Rock Flag print is left casually on the floor until I decide which one will end up in our bedroom for good. To add textures to the room, I added this beautiful basket. I love how it contrasts against the all-white scheme of the bedroom and adds a summery feel.. 

5 Things I want right now! 25/09/2015. Read on

5 things I want right now!

Today’s selection is pretty much all the basics I love and they will take you through Autumn looking like a sexy mama! 1/I featured the black version of these boots here along with this beautiful Tom Ford pink handbag but the leopard pony Alexis ankle boots is wow…Well done Boden! 2/I’m also loving this Limited Edition trench coat from the White Company, nice colour and cut! 3/This Lyla coin purse that can fit in my clutch is perfect to go with the whole look or our new weekender which is flying off the shelves 4/A basic t-shirt because can’t have too many V-neck t-shirts 5/and this pair of ripped skinny jeans from Mango SHOP THE POST:

BODIE and FOU gallery wall at at Design Junction

BODIE and FOU at Design Junction

Design Junction 2015 kicked off last night to a great start although I’m not sure how much blogging I will manage during the next four days. I literally collapsed into my bed when I got home. This year, there are two venues: The College which is dedicated to bigger brands like Vitra, Hermann Miller, Ligne Roset etc. and Victoria House (where we are: stand V28), dedicated to pop-ups and independent designers. There are some pretty amazing stands and new designs to see. Design Junction is one of the most exciting design shows in Central London. Today, the show will close its doors at 9pm as the ELLE DECORATION VIP evening is on I’ll be there all day today and tomorrow, Clare will take over as ideal Home magazine is coming to shoot our new kitchen.And thank you, Moon Ray, for this lovely portrait… I’m off to prepare my lunch box…I had far too many glasses of Champagne last night and scotch eggs and I can feel that my body & energy level is not going to like it if I’m not …

TODAY I LOVE....A wonderful curated collection of inspiring images to bring you happiness. Read on

Today I love…

This wonderful shot snapped by Sofia. It just feels like a happy room… I don’t know if it was the natural light flooding the room or the quintessential collection of art displayed on the walls or maybe this inviting table setting but I was in love as soon as I saw it and I felt it lifted up my heart. What do you think? //Photography: Sofia at Mokkasin | Home of Linn Benediktson SHOP THE POST

You are entirely up to you. Wise words to live by on


Yes we are. Whatever decision we make on a daily basis… that workout that we will do religiously or skip, the people who let in our lives, those will bring joy & happiness and the others…The way we look at life (are you a half-full glass or half-empty glass person?) The way we think of ourselves…You are entirely up to you

DENIM POWER Fashion for kids. Read on

Denim power

I tried to take pictures of Mila’s outfit this morning before going to school… I got 10 seconds of stillness and then, she went off running with Lucas, jumping on the trampoline. True to be told, she is on the trampoline ALL THE TIME and I think if you have the space, it’s the best thing to keep the kids active rather than having them glued to their iPad! In addition, her dad built her a mini-Accrobranche so she is constantly doing a circuit from the trampoline to the tree house, hanging on the trapeze, pulling herself from the strength of her arms to the top of the rope and jumping back on the trampoline (last night she was training to be a Spy!) THE DENIM EDIT FOR WOMEN:

My home in London. Read on

London calling

I’m heading back to London on Sunday for a styling job which I’m really excited about. Ideal Home magazine is also coming to photograph our kitchen and as my company BODIE and FOU is exhibiting our prints collection at Design Junction from 24th to 27th, I will be attending our stand there too (I hope to meet some of you there!) I was struggling to leave this place when the weather was nice but now that it’s pouring down rain, it’s getting a lot easier. Here is a random bunch of photos of our home I took with my iPhone a few months ago (I have so many photos to go through, it’s insane!) but I’m looking forward to spending some time in this gorgeous space. I have missed that room. I’m so in love with the resin floor we added throughout the ground floor – still need to source some chairs though….I can’t wait to hang out in our beautiful tadelakt bathroom, potter around the kitchen, and finish decorating our bedroom too. It’s almost there but I have a few …