Month: November 2015

office space in a tree house. Read on

Office space in the tree house – Part 1

Steve started building the tree house in 2009 after we went for a run in Cazaux during which, I showed him a little tree house in someone’s garden. As it happened, he then spent the rest of our holidays building this “little” gem which is now 10.1 sqm (3.75 x 2.70 m) and about 5m high. Over the years, we’ve made small improvements to the tree house which is becoming a work of love. In 2012, Steve added Plexiglas windows. In 2013, he built a lower deck to make it more accessible to everyone and last year, we painted the outside black with used oil from cars, something fishermen in the area do a lot to protect their huts (yes it is a dirty job!) and the inside white. Mila had a tea party on the new deck when Côté Ouest magazine came to shoot the house. This year, we are turning it into a home office… In the last few weeks, Steve has insulated the walls, added large recycled plywood panels and fitted electricity. Half of the ceiling and a few other …