Month: December 2015

Happy New Year in sequins way to end the year and start a new one full of promises

Happy New Year

Thank you all for your constant kind comments here and on Instagram. I know we are all very busy so I’m very grateful for every comment you take the time to leave. Each one really fills my heart with joy. If you haven’t seen it, I saw this cool thing a few days ago and posted it on Instagram for you to discover the words that will define your year 2016. I love mine and I’m very excited to get cracking with all my new projects and turn the page on a year that has been pretty tough toward the end. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a 2016 filled with health (which we often take for granted), lots of love (we all need it) and success in anything you want to achieve next year. Have a fantastic evening with your friends or family and let’s have a blast in 2016! PS: if you haven’t signed up to the blog E-news yet, please do it now here. I will send …

Super cute letter from a sorry child

Life with Mila | Sorry

Imagine…your child makes a big mistake and she leaves you a letter of apology. How do you react!? Mila left us a heartfelt, apologising letter under our sheets which made me smile and one that I will treasure for years to come. I shared it to Steve and we both had the same reaction…going to Mila’s bedroom to reassure her. Her dad told her he was proud of her for being honest with us. I told her we loved her. Here is what it says: “I’m really sorry I can’t tell you this myself but I’m really worried by your reaction so I think it’s best you find out what happened that way. I put the iPad under the bed so to Lucas (our dog) wouldn’t walk on it and when I pulled it out, later on, it has this horrible big crack. I know you’re going to shout at me but I want you to know that I didn’t do anything and I’m really really sorry. I hope you will forgive me. I’m really worried and I …

BODIE and FOU Merry Christmas 2015

BODIE and FOU | Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas is here so I just wanted to thank you very much for all your wonderful comments here, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and your heart-warming support when dad passed away (here) and when I announced the end of a wonderful 10 years adventure. This year has been filled with a lot of joy, happiness, challenges and a lot of sadness too towards the end. Not only did we lose our dad two months ago but we also lost our beloved aunt two weeks ago so this Christmas is not going to be as joyful as it is normally is but we will spend the holidays together, taking it easily and making the best of what we have to create new, happy memories. I’ll be back on January 4th with some inspiring posts to look after oneself, a gorgeous house tour and some photos of our ski holidays in Verbier and in the meantime, I’ll be posting photos on Instagram. I wish you a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and family. Make the most of it …

Weekend in London, things to do, things to see

10 cool things to do in London like a local

Steve and I have been travelled back and forth between London and France for a few months now while Mila is at school in France but it felt really good to be all back at the same time in our home in London. Catching up with friends, brunch, playdate, sleepover, pub, shopping, museum, we did it all and here are 10 things you can do in London like a local in one weekend (with kids!). 1/Have diner at the pub As you may know, we (French) take young children to restaurants kids, which is not very common in England, but as a result, she has learnt from a very young age to behave in a restaurant or public place. As a foodie, I think there is no better feeling than hanging out with our friends and their children in a warm pub in Winter, having a roast when it’s cold outside. Friday night, we went to The Duke of Sussex in Chiswick (10 min bus ride, great food & customer service!) but there are a few other nice gastro pubs in West London, all …

Weekend in London #london #holidayrental #familyhome #whiteinteriors #interiordesign

Weekend in London

We are back in London for the weekend, catching up with friends, soaking up the city’s wonderful vibes…and sadly temporary “escaping” more bad news. As Charlie Chaplin said: “Nothing in this world is permanent, not even our troubles” so I wait…I wait for the moment to pass, I wait for this year to end because I’m sincerely hoping that next year will be better and then we can create new, happy memories and I’m listening to “Shake it Off” loudly. Steve mentioned going on holidays in Sydney last night when we caught up with our friends who are currently living in Singapore and my heart skipped a beat…I would love that… Right now, the weather is mild and I’m happy we are back together in our home. Have a wonderful weekend guy!

Le Trench coat, a wardrobe must-have1

Trench kiss

I’m not gonna lie, my efforts to dress up are pretty minimal at the moment… denim + Stan Smith + cashmere jumper combo and an oversized coat from Monki, I bought during my last trip in Paris and my usual Chanel lipstick. While it’s all good to take time off personal styling, I didn’t want to completely switch off, so last time Steve went back to London, I asked him to bring back a few of my clothes. Living between two countries is not as glamorous as it sounds, personally, I never have the thing I need in the right country but I have at least, started scanning some of our paperwork to have them with us wherever we are (if you have other tips, please do share).

Stylish and contemporary sofas by Camerich

Camerich contemporary sofa collection

I first discovered Camerich sofas when I stumbled across their beautiful shop with brick walls in Islington on St John street (north London) a few years ago, shortly after we had purchased our Ghost sofa for our home in London and since then, I have kept an eye on them.