Year: 2016

Celebrating first day of winter with comforting, delicious food

Celebrating winter with comforting food

We’ve been baking and cooking a lot these past few days. The girls made pancakes and pikelets for breakfast while my sister Elodie made her famous Tartiflette, which is comfort food at its best! While I’m all for eating healthy and giving our body the nutrients it needs, once in a while, we just need something that is going to be good for our soul and Elodie’s Tartiflette is exactly that! I’m ever so grateful she kindly accepted to share her recipe so I can share it with you here… INGREDIENTS: Number of people: 8 | Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 1 hour 20 min 2.5 kg potatoes 600g diced bacon 500ml fresh cream 750g Reblochon cheese INSTRUCTIONS: Pre-heat your oven at 180/200 degrees Peel your potatoes and boil them until they are soft. Boiling time depends very much on the type of potatoes you get but usually, it takes about an hour Add two spoons of olive oil in a frying pan and fry your diced bacon. Once golden, add the fresh cream and mix thoroughly …

Personal handmade gifts for the people you love

Personal gifts for people you love

I really like the idea of giving handmade gifts to loved ones. The problem with handmade gifts is that first, you need to have the time to make them. Second, you need to be fairly creative or good at something to come up with something that will look really stylish and not looking as if it has been done by a five years old. I’ve made a few scented candles this month but they are more like little tokens of love rather than proper gifts. I didn’t have time to craft anything so I decided to offer my friend Perrine, one of the photos I took of her when we did this photoshoot. Now… I don’t have the presumption to assume that anyone receiving one of my photos is going to say “wow” out of excitement but last time I saw Perrine, she told me that the photoshoot really boosted her confidence and made her re-connect with the person she was a few years ago. This really strokes a chord with me. I have know Perrine since …

10 beautiful Christmas gift wrapping to inspire you

10 modern, minimalist Xmas gift wrapping to inspire you

If you love Christmas in a simple, modern, natural style like me then you will love these minimalist examples of Christmas gift wrapping and free, printable gift tags. As you may have guessed, I’m not a big fan of green, red or fancy Christmas gift wrapping (but if you do, that’s cool, no judgment). I like things to be simple and beautiful so I always circle back towards the same style mixing plain white paper, kraft paper, gift labels featuring lovely black & white typography, some black twine or even just some natural string bought from the supermarket. I always have a stock of brown luggage labels at home. They are easy to find at any stationery shops, post offices and craft shops or you can order them from Amazon here. I have also included my favourite gift labels and wrapping paper free to download. Last year, I used these beautiful printable hand lettering gift tags. They are still my favourites but I came across a few more which are also very pretty and all available to print for free: printable christmas …

Weekend vibes

Weekend vibes | Beginning of December

Hi Guys, I can’t really say I’m in a fantastic shape at the moment. I’m in my 4th week of fighting this damn chest infection, which really leaves me exhausted physically. I sleep a good seven hours each night but feel like I had no sleep at all three hours after getting up. It is so frustrating… On one hand, my mind feels very alert, almost motivated enough to go for a run, while my body is saying “no way Jose” so I’ve decided to try to finish the year in one piece, take it as easy as much I can and keep my fitness cravings for the new year. The good news is that I have now received my new pair of glasses and I see things in focus so I have started editing the pictures I took of Aude last Summer in Hossegor (isn’t she beautiful!?) and took new ones of Florian over the weekend when he was teaching the kids to bodyboard (you can see more of them on People from the Sea). FINDING YOUR PASSION IS …

Simple lighting for your home

Simple lighting for your home

I just finished a long interview for As You Like magazine (out in Feb 2017) which is dedicated to Digital Influencers and Bloggers and one of the questions about my home was why it was so white… White interiors and simple, beautiful white objects calm me down… As an Aries, I have often been told that red is my colour but frankly, I couldn’t think of a least appropriated colour for me. I thrive on white minimalist, uncluttered, simple interiors and as it’s busy enough in my head, I really don’t need more stimulation :-) Anyone else feeling like this!!?? This Suspence nomad lamp designed by GamFratesi has the same calming effect and would look perfectly at home in our dining room, should I be in the market for a new light but maybe you are… GamFratesi is a design duo formed in 2006 and consists of the Danish architect Stine Gam and the Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. Both thrive on Scandinavian functionalism and draw their inspiration from both classic Danish design and the tradition of craftsmanship and the classic Italian intellectual and …

Room update: Our new dining chairs

Room update: Our new dining chairs

I have been looking for new dining chairs for our home to replace the very eclectic mix we had around our dining table for some time, since the house renovations. We had a couple of vintage office Eames, a vintage Harry Bertoia chair bought on eBay, a new stainless-steel Bertoia from the Knoll sample sale, a couple of cardboard stools from Story Deli and some very bright green garden chairs from Ikea, which added a cheerful pop of colour but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for this room which has now, very soothing hues of pale grey and white. And then I saw the new Moda chair launched by Cult Furniture.The Moda dining chair combines Scandinavian modern simplicity with function and the price was also really attractive considering I had to order 8 chairs. The Moda chair comes with three different leg styles to choose from (+ an armchair version) but my favourite was the wooden legs version to echo the wood of our large dining table. My goal was to add chairs that would contribute to the …


It has been a tough few days (actually a tough year but let’s focus on the last few days). We lost a chicken on Monday and that upset me more than I expected it would and yesterday, Steve and I went to a funeral as our friend Alexia lost her dad. 12 months after losing mine, feeling her intense pain and re-living the sense of loss and sadness we all felt, was extremely draining and painful. We, as a group of friends, have spent far too many times at the Crematorium these past few months…4 times in total, that’s one loved one gone every 3 months. Yet today, with tears in my eyes and my whole body aching, I want to feel grateful for all we have.

How to make your own fall wreath

The top 10 evergreen Christmas wreaths that will last longer

What is your favorite part when it comes to Christmas decorating? Is it decorating the Christmas tree? Making your own wreath? Putting together a beautiful table setting? Making great food for the whole family? While it is always tempting to get a gorgeous wreath from The White Company or John Lewis, if I have the time, I will make my own. Making your own wreath is a welcoming break in the frenzy that leads to Christmas. Whether you need to go to your local garden center, Sunday market or in the forest, time outside focusing on creating something pretty, will be time well-spent. And like these simple, minimalist wreaths, they don’t have to be big to be beautiful.Now that we live 10 minutes away from a beautiful national forest, I take pleasure in going for a walk, pick up branches and make our own wreath. So armed with my Orla Kiely secateurs and a pair of gumboots, I went for a walk in the forest over the weekend to cut some branches to make my first wreath of the …