Month: January 2016

how to optimise your home office: 4 ways

How to optimise your home office: 4 ways

Are you looking for ways to optimise your office space at home? The number of people working from home rises to its highest level since records began. In the UK alone, there were 4.2 million UK home workers in the first three months of 2014 (2015 figures TBC), amounting to 13.9% of the workforce. Whether you live alone, share your space with your partner or a full house with children, here are four clever, contemporary ways to maximise floor space and create a nice office space at home. Home office #1: If you have toddlers, you will agree that most of the time, they love hanging out around their parents, sometimes, much to our dismay when we need quiet time to meet a deadline. Mila certainly did when she was young and still does. Designed by Dutch Architects Van Wengerden, these minimalist wall-mounted desks (pictured below) have been designed with family life in mind. Fitted at different heights to accommodate little kid chair like a mini Eames style chair (available on NOTHS in white, yellow and blue), these workstations not only look …

5 things you want right now! 29/01/2016

5 things I want right now!

And just like this, we are ending the first month of 2016, isn’t this crazy! I’m still working on my three lists but this week I have pinned down my top three priorities which felt great and since I have been working out just after Christmas, I can start seeing results on my upper body. How is going for you? I’ve also added a new category: “Personal” on the blog to keep together the most personal posts on motherhood, weight issues. grief, etc…but Friday is fashion day post so let’s have fun with today’s look

A cosy, natural corner

A cosy, natural corner

I’m so loving this beautiful, natural styling by Photographer & Stylist Line Kay who I have mentioned before here. The mix of textures and soothing off-white and cream hues with a few touch of vintage makes this the perfect spot to hang out on a gloomy day. Line’s recent natural styling for Hale Mercantile Co. is also pure eye-candy. Go here to read about 5 ways to use this gorgeous natural basket. GET THE LOOK:

What are you most 2016 inspiring new resolutions?

So…are you making any new resolutions this year? Early this month, I decided on my 4 feel-good things to achieve this year but for the nitty gritty, I needed things to sink in first to see what I really wanted to do this year and then I wrote this post and oh boy…..things became a lot clearer!!!

45 life lessons by Regina Brett. Which one is your favorite?

45 life lessons you will love. Which one is your favorite?

At the beginning of the year, I always take great pleasure re-reading these 45 life lessons written by Regina Brett. If you haven’t read Regina Brett’s books, treat yourself to one right now here. She has published several books including 50 lessons for Life’s little detours, 50 lessons for finding fulfilling work and 50 lessons to find and hold onto happiness. #43 is my motto. I agree with #9. I love #12 (it is so true!) and I dedicate #19 to my mum who keeps every valuable gift for a special occasion, despite telling her to use it and enjoy it… Which are your favourite life lessons? Life isn’t fair but it is still good. When in doubt, just take the next small step Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does. Pay off your credit card every month. You don’t have to win every agreement. Agree to disagree. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone. Save for retirement, starting with your first paycheck. When …

Look of the day: Sarah Rutson in her NLST jumpsuit. Spot on!

look of the day

Totally obsessed with this look! Following my last 5 Things I want right now!, I was tipped by Sarah a reader, about this fab NLST khaki jumpsuit (now 60% OFF) worn above by Sarah Rutson, Vice-President of Global Buying for Net-a-Porter but my size is sold out. If you’re a medium, you’re in luck!

How to get things done this year without wasting another year. Read on >>>

How to get things done this year without wasting another year

How many times did you end the year thinking “Gee…I can’t believe how quickly this year went!” How many times did you think about those famous “new resolutions” we come up with, each year and realised another year has gone by and you had either given up on them by March (if not early!) or even better, decided that you would stop making new resolutions so you would stop being disappointed with yourself. Disheartening isn’t it!? 

5 Things You Want Right Now!

5 things I want right now!

With a beaming smile on my face, I’m kicking off today’s 5 Things I want right now! with my first denim jumpsuit of the 2016. I could go on and on about jumpsuits, it is such a versatile piece of clothing and one that I really really love. The good news is that jumpsuits are not going anywhere and if you haven’t given it a go yet, now is the time!