Month: February 2016

How to go on an exciting family gap year around the world

How to go on an exciting family gap year to travel the world

One Instagram account I truly enjoy following is Courtney Adamo’s (34), co-Founder of Babyccino Kids, who is currently on a family gap year with her husband Michael (45) and their four children: Easton (10), Quin (8), Ivy (6), Marlow (3). Leaving London in July 2015, they have so far visited the U.S., Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and New Zealand, Australia and will soon head to Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and then back to Europe for the summer. With four young children, a career and a house, uprooting and embarking on such an adventure takes some serious planning. I got in contact with Courtney to pick her brains on how she organised such a journey. A fascinating read…enjoy! ORGANISING AND BUDGETING A FAMILY GAP YEAR How far in advance did you start planning this amazing trip? Michael and I made the decision to embark on this year of travel back in the autumn of 2014. We put our house in London on the market and it was sold by February. From this point, we started thinking about our trip and narrowing down the places …

Dune du Pyla, France. Voted 2nd best beach in the world by The Guardian. (C) Photography: Karine Köng


What are you up to this weekend? I’m driving Steve to the airport as he is off to join a friend in Argentina on a bike road trip. Travels are high on my priorities this year so when he asked me if he could do it and be away for 2 or 3 weeks, I was like “yes of course, go ahead, I wish I could come with you” but now it’s departure time, both of us are not looking forward to being apart from each other :-) Here are some cool, fun links for you: The Dune of Pyla (above), which is near our holiday home in the Bay of Arcachon has been listed as the second best beach in the World out of 50 by The Guardian! Here is an article in Sud-Ouest. This video of David Beckham and James Corden cracked me up. I love this hotel in Puglia through the lens of Carla Coulson. Are you a hot skinny bowl fanatic? I finally got around to read this long article and it was so interesting, such a different area …

5 Things I Want Right Now! All black look

5 Things I Want Right Now!

Black suit, white t-shirt and white Converse (or Chuck as you call them in the US :-) was a look I was wearing a lot a few years ago working in a creative industry and all that. I was also walking 45 min to work at the time and this look had the benefits of looking great for a day in the office without having to change shoes. So today, I’m re-visiting this outfit with a pair of black trainers from Golden Goose Deluxe brand plus a few other goodies from the high-street and my favourite designers. READ ON…

100 things mum say all the time

Mom-ims: 100 things mums say all the time (funny!)

On our last day in Portugal, the three of us went to the restaurant where Mila read us something that Steve had on his phone while we were waiting for our food. It was very funny and a few are spot on like “Eat your vegetables, they are good for you” or “What part of NO don’t you understand” but as Steve is a hands-on dad, there were some that could have easily be Dad-isms too. Read on and see which ones are very appropriate to your family… A little “birdy” told me! All I do is follow you around, picking up after you like some maid. Am I talking to a brick wall? Are you deaf or something? Are you lying to me? As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as I say. Beds are NOT made for jumping on. Call me when you get there, just so I know you’re okay. Did you brush your teeth? Do as I say, not as I do. Do you think I’m made of money? Do …

Travel Guide to Grândola, Portugal

Grandola, Portugal travel guide

I wasn’t planning to do a post on our week in Portugal as it was off-season and a lot of shops and restaurants were closed but it was such a beautiful area and I had such an amazing time rekindling with my old passion that I thought I would share a bit of our trip with you.

5 Things You Want Right Now for this Summer

5 Things I Want Right Now!

I love wearing denim in Summer but today’s look is obviously influenced by my week in Portugal and the beautiful beaches from Grândola. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can follow my visual diary on Instagram. Have a great weekend!

Farrow & Ball: 9 new colors paint

Introducing 9 new colors from Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball has recently launched 9 new paint colors. Last time, I met up with Charlie Cosby, Farrow & Ball Head of Creative, it was for the launch of this beautiful wallpaper collection after Charlie’s rather exciting trip to Japan. So this time, I asked Charlie a few questions about these 9 new colors and her 5 best tips to choose the best paint colour for your home. What I love about her answers, is that you get the feeling of travelling around the British countryside. The way she describes how they found the names of the paints, the inspiration drawn from England’s landscape and landmarks is like walking around the countryside in Dorset, Somerset and Scotland. READ ON…

A week in Portugal. More photos on Instagram #bodieanfoutravelsPortugal

Have you rekindled with an old passion recently?

We are in Portugal this week during Mila‘s half-term school break. We found a gorgeous holidays home through Behomm, a site where you can list your home and exchange with creative home owners around the world so Luis, the owner (an Architect) will stay in our London home* with his family soon. It is our first time using Behomm and so far so good. The house is simply perfect, not big (only 70 sqm2) but very well conceived, full of inspiring design ideas and my love for white, modern interiors is fulfilled. Read on… *Behomm is by invitation only so if you don’t have a home or job that fits their requirement, you can still find some beautiful, creative homes to rent on Kid & Coe