Month: March 2016

Isabel Marant SS16 The most inspiring pieces to love & cherish

Favourite looks from Isabel Marant SS16

Which one is your favourite fashion Designer? The one you always go back to? For me, it’s definitively Isabel Marant. Each year, I try to treat myself to one or two pieces that will fit my style, my lifestyle and body shape or at least, will make me look taller or slimmer like the Dickers boots. I’m on my second pair and they have such the perfect height that they lengthen my calves and make my legs look slimmer. I also love how comfy they are.

5 Things You Want Right Now! Rock chic look

5 Things I Want Right Now!

What do you do when you haven’t slept well? I tend to grab the first things I can find in my wardrobe and usually they are black so I don’t have to engage any part of my brain to work if any of the pieces I picked work together. Today is one of these days. READ ON…

How to create a stunning kitchen with plywood

How to create a stunning plywood kitchen

Besides its eco-friendly properties, plywood or wood from sustainable forests are a great alternative to re-design your kitchen on a budget. Personally, I’m a huge fan of this material which we used at home in Steve’s tree house. I love the warmth and the Scandinavian vibes, wood adds to the room and if you’re not convinced, let me show you 12 examples of modern kitchens re-designed with plywood. Plywood kitchen project #1 Starting with this beautiful, airy kitchen designed by Toby Scott in Australia, plywood is kept to a minimum and adds warm accents to this open-plan room.Plywood kitchen project #2 Designed by the Tribe Studio, an Australian architectural studio with an impressive amount of amazing interior design projects under their belt, this kitchen with plywood units provides plenty of storage. Be prepared to spend quite some time drooling on the Tribe studio website.Plywood kitchen project #3: Renovated by Made Architects, a Belgian architectural studio, this kitchen in a 1950’s house is small and compact but I love how they maximise the space up to the ceiling while increasing the …

An eclectic, creative family apartment in Paris. Home of Victoire de Taillac-Touhami and Ramdane Touhami

An eclectic family apartment in Paris

A trip to Paris is always a good idea n’est-ce-pas? So let me show you this eclectic, family Parisian flat which is a gem of creativity and personality. READ ON…

How to deal with self-doubt

Overcoming self-doubt

I can’t tell you the number of times I looked at these photos of La Salie in the Bay of Arcachon, wondering if they were worth sharing. To this date, I still don’t know but I have decided to let go. Self-doubt is a bummer isn’t it!?

15 helpful, practical tips to declutter your home

15 helpful, practical tips to declutter your home

Decluttering at home is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of emotions attached to the things we keep. Often, it can feel like a little part of us is dying each time we throw something away. Years ago, I burst into tears like someone had died after my boyfriend broke my favourite teapot…No judgment :-) We’ve all been there…. That being said, sorting out your belongings, and finding clever storage solutions to minimise clutter in your home, making it more pleasant to live in. Here are some tips on how to keep clutter at bay in your home: HOW TO DECLUTTER YOUR BATHROOM Pharmaceuticals: Take anything that is out of date, opened or was a one-off treatment to the chemist. Recycle packaging. Your first aid kit should fit in a shoe box. Free samples: Throw away all the samples you’ve been collecting for months especially face samples. If you don’t want to throw them away, challenge yourself to not buy new creams, shampoos or body lotions until you’ve gone through all your samples. …

Mother's Day Wish List

Mother’s Day wish list

Mother’s Day in France is on 29th May. Being a franco-kiwi family living in London, sometimes we celebrated the UK date, other times, the French date and if I was lucky, we did both. This week though, Steve is in South America riding his bike with some friends. Yesterday he was in Ushuaia and today he is driving to Argentina…quite a trip! So until he returns, I have done a cool, little wish list of things I covet and on Sunday, Mila and I will have a girls day! CLICK ON THE + ICONS BELOW TELL ME… Besides cuddles and kisses, what have you got on your Mother’s Day wish list? Is there anything you really wish you could have?

Hallway renovations BEFORE/AFTER

Last June, we updated the look of the hallway in this holiday home in the Bay of Arcachon. So today I would like to show you the BEFORE and AFTER photos so you can see how easily you could transform your home with a bit of paint and elbow grease. READ ON…