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NUdeite Parfum: perfumes & ceramics to treasure

Nudeite Parfum (C) Photography & styling: Karine Candice Köng

Nudeite Parfum (C) Photography & styling: Karine Candice Köng www.karinecandicekong.comWhen I was in San-Francisco, I came across a lot of beautiful ceramics in Valencia, which I wish I could have packed in my suitcase. Luckily, the British craft scene is flourishing with young and established talents. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Jono Smart and Kathleen Hills (her beautiful cluster & pendant lights are all over my home in France).

I was recently introduced to Nudeite Parfum, a new British company that creates beautiful, natural perfume in the most gorgeous ceramic vessels so I’ve asked Elaine, the Founder, to share her inspirations and her favourite Ceramists with us. If you love ceramic, you are in for a treat…

Tell us about you:
I am a British designer with a love of simple, beautiful, things that have purpose. One of my favourite quotes that sums up my ethos is by Finnish Architect Alvar Aalto:“beauty is the harmony of purpose and form” .
Nudeite Parfum is a contemporary perfume house and design collective, which showcases and collaborates with talented designers and craftsman to develop beautiful, natural perfume.
Nudeite means: nu goddess, or really new worship, meaning what, how and who do we worship or honour today. I hope we care enough to worship nature, for me this is crucial.

What inspired you to launch Nudeite Parfum?
Having worked as a designer for over 20 years, I live to create beautiful things with a purpose and having suffered from allergies and eczema since I was a teen and being unable to use most perfumes, I decided to create my own.
Smell is such an important part of life and I wanted to create fragrances that were inspired by everything that inspires me and touches me as a designer.
Having also travelled a lot, fragrance and smell are a perfect way to take you back to a certain time or place in your life, recreating that connection with people and places. I love that…
I wanted to create a perfume line that fused my love of tradition whilst embracing all that is modern, simple and holistic. It was very important to me to create something that would last, not another glass perfume bottle, but something that you could collect, reuse, display, but also creating a connection between the vessel and the perfume itself.
My love of craftsmanship and nature made ceramics the obvious choice.
Nudeite Parfum (C) Photography & styling: Karine Candice Köng www.karinecandicekong.comI love using essential oils in my home but I’ve never come across such a pretty packaging…What inspired you to use ceramics for your collection?
Craftsmanship is something that really inspires me. Learning and developing skills that can be passed down from generation to generation is s huge legacy to leave and can not to be underestimated. From the Ghanaian women who harvest our organic shea butter to Kate* our ceramic artist… people with incredible skills and integrity inspire me.

How long did you spend working on this project?
Many years…I started developing and perfecting natural fragrance blends years ago due to my own intolerances and Nudeite Parfum has taken just over two years to finally become what you can see now.Nudeite Parfum (C) Photography & styling: Karine Candice Köng
The best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Do what you love and love what you do. This is so important and something that drives me to do what I do in life.

How would describe your style at home?
Minimal, simple, monochrome, a love of all things Scandinavian mixed with my eclectic bohemian roots.

What are the designers that have influenced your work & vision? 
I have always been inspired by the work of some of the great Japanese designers, Yohji Yamamoto (especially) for his simple androgynous aesthetic. However I equally love the bohemian ethos of Isabel Marant. I am hugely influenced by pure craftsmanship.

What are you favourite Ceramists?
Dietland Wolf (for her use of colour  and simplicity), Caroline Swift (for her delicacy and simplicity), Maya Ben David (for her use of form) and obviously Kate Schuricht* (for her use of rake firing and amazing form and detail).

Describe Nudeite Parfum in 3 words
Simple, raw, honest.. and unique!

Where can we buy your beautiful home fragrance collection?
At the moment exclusively on our website

//This is blogpost in collaboration with Nudeite Parfum.


  1. Quelle belle découverte. Merci de nous faire partager cette parfumeuse au goût si raffiné. Belle journée et à bientôt. Au fait, y a-t-il des workshops de prévus dans pas trop longtemps? Si oui, j’y viendrais volontiers.

    • De rien Anouchka :-)
      Pour les workshops je ne sais pas encore. J’avais pensé les faire en Mars et puis je me rends compte qu’après 10 ans de stress, le décès de mon papa etc, j’ai encore besoin de prendre du temps pour moi sans me mettre la pression et pour faire de beaux workshops intéressants, je sais que je me mettrais sous pression donc pour l’instant c’est en standby :-)

  2. Merci pour cette réponse ‘Speedy Gonzalez’. C’est vrai, la vie passe si vite et on oublie trop souvent de s’arrêter un moment pour la contempler et se ressourcer. Rien ne presse pour les workshops, les bonnes choses prennent leur temps et comme ça, pour moi le plaisir est dans l’attente…

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