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Life with Mila | Shopping

Louise Misha collection

Louise Misha collection

Me: “For your birthday, we can have a girls day and go shopping if you want”
Mila: ” oh great! Can it be unlimited credit?”
Me: “errm non….”

Mila turned 11 a a couple of weeks ago. As we were staying with some friends near Cap-Breton, we went shopping in Hossegor. I’m sure if you are mums of pre-teens you’re going through the same thing than me but the days of having fun buying clothes for my daughter are **OVER**!
I used to be able to buy her and most importantly dress her, in gorgeous Liberty print dresses and blouses with smocks but now the sole mention of a dress and she looks at me in disbelief if I was completely mad.
I’m not mad, I keep hoping that she will change her mind :-))))

Saying that, we found a middle ground…
Last Summer, we had paid a visit to a shop in Hossegor (forgot the name sorry!) where the lady was a bit pushy but she had a great selection of my favourite brands Finger in the Nose, April Showers, Bobo Choses and Maan. We had bought a couple of soft t-shirts from Bellerose, which became Mila’s favourites. This time, we both fell in love with the Louise Misha Collection
The top Mila is wearing is actually this Lemon Flowing strapped dress in pink (also available in pretty ochre and white). She tried the 10 years old, the 8 years old…and finally settled for the 6 years old to wear it as a top with a pair of distressed denim shorts.Louise Misha CollectionIt’s the same ruffled cotton fabric than this top we got from Nils Happy To See You when she was 6 and has been wearing ever since so if she wears it as much, I’ll be happy. Louise Misha CollectionLouise Misha CollectionWhat’s your experience with pre-teens? Have you find some middle ground? ;-)

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  1. Clara B says

    Bonne fête jolie MILA!!

    Élever trois garçons très différents dont un de l’âge de Mila ( le petit dernier) et qui adorent les vêtements. UN casse-tête énorme car j’ai souhaité leurs faire porter des couleurs le plus longtemps possible et c’est plutôt difficile car les vêtements en Amérique du Nord pour les gars sont ennuyeux comme pas possible: brun, bleu, gris… sauf quelques exceptions parfois chez Gap….À l’âge de Mila et de mon fils, le plus difficile, je trouve , c’est de ne pas les vieillir trop trouver une manière de s’amuser avec les vêtements et les couleurs… les laisser faire un choix parmi, «Je l’avoue» mes choix !!! Il déteste les magasins alors je commande en ligne et il fait son choix… Pour les vêtements techniques ( l’automne et l’hiver), il choisi la combinaison des couleurs des marques privilégier et choisis ses accessoires!! Souvent faire le choix de la casquette ou du sac à dos nous permet de négocier le reste…

  2. oh I wish my daughter would wear something like that! she has scorned skirs and dresses anything too girly for years! (she is 11) She just wants to wear comfortable things which I do understand begrudgingly! Leggings, sports tees, leggings, occasionally something a bit more interesting. She loathes any form of fussiness (inherited from me so I can only blame myself!) so an unnecessary button or ruffle or detail makes something immediately on the ‘no’ pile!

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