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4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floor

4 beautiful white kitchens with a concrete floor

What is your favourite room in a home and your favourite style?

For me, it’s the kitchen without a doubt and preferably white kitchens with a concrete floor.

I spend very little time in our bedroom besides sleeping at night and being more a shower person, I’m in and out of the bathroom in no time.

However, the kitchen is where I like to hang out not that I’m doing any intensive cooking but it’s where I like pottering around.
Having an open-plan dining/kitchen in our home in France which, is often filled with natural light, means that these days, I prefer working from our dining table, facing our white kitchen.

Following my last post on plywood kitchens, today I wanted to show you a few examples of white, contemporary kitchens with a concrete floor which I find really beautiful and soothing.

All of them have interesting details we can bookmark for future references and are spaces I would be quite happy to work from…

The first one (above and below) is the home of Jeweller Victoria Wearne and her partner Stuart Beer in Melbourne. Benefiting from a skylight above the sink, they never have to turn on the light during daytime.

Granted they are in Melbourne and the weather is nicer than in London but for having added extra windows to our kitchen in London, I can confirm that extra source of vitamin D regardless of the weather, is much appreciated!

I also love the built-in cooker hood, something I wish we had thought about 10 years ago.
I wasn’t cooking from scratch a lot back then but now, I really wish we had one, to avoid having smoke in the room and grease on the pendant lights above the kitchen counter when Steve sears meat in his fav cast iron pan.4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floorKitchen no 2 is a family kitchen with white cupboards from floor to ceiling which is always a great way to maximise storage while giving a feeling of height and space to a room.

Storage and planning are really important in a kitchen if you don’t want to end up with a kitchen counter cluttered with small appliances from the toaster to the coffee machine or blender.

Earlier this year, I shared 15 simple, practical tips to declutter your home which you may find useful.If you have a really small kitchen to refurbish, sticking to white or a light colours is always a very good idea. White creates an illusion of space and makes your space look much larger than it actually is while dark walls make a room looking smaller and narrower.4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floorDisplaying oats, rice, pasta and cereals in pretty glass containers are a nice way to add a natural touch and warm up a room looking too clinical. I also find that putting on display what looks nice, allows me to make extra space in my kitchen drawers for things that are not as photogenic.
4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floorLast but not least, Pella recently refurbished a guesthouse that she can use as a home office too. Talking about kitchens we could work from, I could really work from this one…

White tap, white walls, concrete floor and natural light add all to the mix and create a soothing and inviting space. Lucky guests don’t you think!?4 beautiful white kitchens with concrete floorWhich kitchen do you love the most?


1.Photography: Eve Wilson | 2. Photography: Sonja Velda | 3. Photography: Francisco Berreteaga | 4. Sara Medina Lind


  1. Helen Greene says

    Yes, my favorite room in my home is kitchen. All kitchen styles looks awesome. I want to modify my kitchen. One of these design will work out?

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  3. Stunning kitchen designs! I love white interiors with no or little decoration. If you are looking for similar kitchen designs, check out Clever Space Interiors. It’s our local company in Aberdeen.

  4. Kitchen indeed. I have two very important spaces in every apartment I ever rented (around 16 in 4 countries yet, stop counting after 13th)

    Kitchen and bathroom actually :)
    They must be spacious and warm and well defined (doesn’t mean warm. cold or anything else) They need to be thought trough./your definitely is :) best wishes

  5. Couldn’t agree more, the kitchen is definitely the hub in our home. I personally would go for the first kitchen if I *had* to choose, although there’s not much in it – I love bright, airy kitchens.


  6. banghephongkhach says

    Beautiful kitchen design. It is very luxurious and comfortable. I enjoyed this white space.

  7. The white color is perfect for the kitchen this give the feelings of more space and work perfect in the kitchen. This color is recomend for small kitchen because it make the kitchen feel more bigger.

    Nice details and decor.

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