Month: September 2016

5 Things You Want Right Now for Paris Fashion Week

5 things I want right now!

For those who don’t follow me on Instagram, I’m in Paris this weekend (see hashtag #bodieandfoutravelsparis). Yesterday, I went to meet my photography hero: Peter Lindbergh who kindly signed his new book for me (see Instagram stories), and afterwards I went to a party organised by Milk magazine at La Trésorerie (very nice shop in the 10th arrondissement).

How to style your home with picture frames

A 20 sqm2 flat with a beautiful gallery wall

Today’s house tours is a 20 sqm2 small space in Sweden with a beautiful gallery wall and a great example of how to decorate your home with art. The fact that it is, indeed a small space, makes it even more interesting. Each room is beautifully styled and there isn’t a single corner I don’t love. Proof that size really doesn’t matter and that you can create a real gem out of a small flat. Josefin Haag, the owner of this flat, used a palette of three colours throughout her flat: black, white and wood. 3 hues that you can find throughout the flat in the choice she carefully made for her picture frames, furniture and decorative objects and which gives her gallery wall and home, a nice, warm, arty feel. I find this home visually inspiring, don’t you think? So what do you think? Is there any details or corner in this flat that inspires you? If you are after ideas on how to do a gallery wall, check this article on How to hang a gallery wall the perfect way, or this inspiring …

STORIES (C) Karine Candice Kong | African Queen 1

STORIES: African Queen

The inspiration for this photoshoot was this photo, which has nothing to do with the result but that’s how inspiration works. A theme, a colour, a person can trigger a whole set of emotions and take your imagination to places it has never been. When I sent the photo to Perrine, she told me she looked nothing like the girl on the photo but she trusted me. We shot at Le Blockhaus. The place was packed and yet it looks like we were the only two people at the bottom of the Dune of Pyla, facing the bay…Photography & Styling: Karine Candice Köng Model: Perrine Fifadji Singer, Dancer & Choregrapher, Perrine will start giving singing lessons in Bordeaux from October 2016. Read review in Le Monde, Sud-Ouest, Telerama Sunglasses Ray-ban | Dress: model Aimée by La Princesse au Petit Pois | Trainers For styling, photoshoot, creative direction, feel free to email me at [email protected]  

Look of the day: long pleated skirt & t-shirt

Look of the Day

Life t-shirt | Run boys t-shirt | Take Action t-shirt | No Soy Perfecta t-shirt long pleated skirt | gold metallic pleated skirt | Blue pleated skirt White Converse | Hush Leather trainers | White & Gold Adidas AND THESE…

Fall Look | 5 Things You Want Right Now!

5 things I want right now!

A few months ago, I went to a press day to discover the collections of a few European labels and I fell in love with Danish brand Cecilie Copenhagen. Do you know of it?

Black dining tables: 10 of the best

Black dining tables: 10 of the best

In between work and photoshoots, I’m still trying to redecorate our home in France and it’s slowly coming together. I have recently sold our dining table and while I was searching for a new one, I came across some beautiful black dining tables for family living. In the end, our new table will be white to maintain the holidays vibes of our home but I thought I would share my findings with you. Let me know which one you love the most! 1/ Round black dining table in stained ash | This simple round wooden dining table by Gubi is the perfect antidote for your entertaining space. Classic with a rounded table top, this decadent designer dining table takes style cues from the Mid Century design era with a sleek contemporary twist. Designed by Komplot Design – a partnership between Poul Christiansen & Boris Berlin – it is available in a choice of stained and veneer finishes. 2/Tom Dixon Slab black Dining table | This elegant black slab dining table is made of black solid oak with a lacquered finish. Generously in size, the …

Herewith magazine | BODIE and FOU Style blog

Herewith magazine #issue 1

Long before starting surfing and creating a new instagram account to curate surfing photography and capture people’s happiness by the sea, I was fascinated by women surfers. Who hasn’t, at least once in Summer, long for what looks like an enviable carefree feeling, a body to die for, an admirable fitness level, an impression of being at one with the ocean or a gorgeous healthy-looking tan? I have on several occasions and now that I surf twice a week and get a real kick each time I catch a wave, I get a lot of joy and inspiration from taking photos for people from the sea. The other thing that recently inspired me a lot, was the first issue of new magazine HEREWITH

Ceramics love

Ceramics love

I’m so sorry! I got completely sidetracked this morning. I was meant to do my weekly 5 Things I want right now! but I started watching a very interesting documentary by Cash Investigation that was broadcasted on France 2 recently. The subject of the documentary had been all over my friends’ Facebook page in France and I was really keen to watch it because healthy food and well-being is something I’m really interested in. It was questioning why ham is so pink in the supermarket when in fact cooked ham should be whiter/greyish like a slice of cooked pork. Why manufacturers feel the need to add nitrate salt (E250) to make the ham look pinkier when nitrate salt has been linked to being the cause of cancer? How lobby put pressure on government? And so many other questions that were scary but interesting at the same time. I don’t know if copyright issues will let you watch it outside of France but here is the youtube link. And then this afternoon, I surfed under the rain and it was just …