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5 Bathrooms with black floor tiles

How to get the look: 5 bathrooms with black floor tiles

How to get the look: 5 bathrooms with black floor tilesI promise myself to take the time to refurbish the bathroom in our holiday home this year and while the promise of a new bathroom sounds really exciting (I love our tadelakt bathroom), I feel the actual planning and realisation is going to be a real headache this time.

Let’s face it, the most difficult part in building work is finding good tradesmen and I feel it’s a process even more difficult when you are out of a big city.

Last time I arrange a meeting with the company we used to install our central heating, I discuss the option of having underfloor heating like we did in our loft conversion in London. A pretty straightforward process which takes very little time.

My old plumber kept shaking his head as if it was not possible, the area was too small, it would take too much time, it would be too expensive.

Being a doer, I have a natural repulsion for anyone with a negative mind or who can only say “not possible”, “I can’t” but since it was the only decent company I had found to work with, I remained positive, smiling and try to understand where he was coming from.

He turned out that my old plumber was coming from the turn of the Century where underfloor heating was a series of copper pipes running through the floor. So yes…from his perspective, it would be tedious and expensive.

So rather than focusing on the negative aspect of bathroom planning, today I have decided to show you some of my favourite bathrooms with black floor to get some inspiration juice going.

An Italian shower is definitively on my to-do list and this one has gorgeous herringbone floor tiles How to get the look- 5 bathrooms with black floor tilesBlack tiling has a real wow factor but it will make your room very dark so make you have plenty of natural lighting coming through in the room. How to get the look- 5 bathrooms with black floor tiles

A minimalist bathroom is the look I prefer but it requires great storage so plan ahead and work out what you will needHow to get the look- 5 bathrooms with black floor tilesHow to get the look- Bathrooms with black floor tilesSources: 1. Australian Design Awards | 2. Photo by Tia Borgsmidt via Homelife | 3. Inside Out | 4. Cate StHill | 5. Boffi

Are you planning to re-do your bathroom soon? If so what kind of advices would you like to get?



  1. Kvartira Odessa says

    Unfortunately, black surfaces in the bathroom often have to be washed…

  2. Sharon says

    Black floors are super trendy but they also show up dust extremely badly so be prepared to sweep or hoover everyday. Also black grout doesn’t stay black for long so get a good grout sealer on it as soon as its installed.

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