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30 days to minimal blogging

30 days to minimal blogging

30 days to minimal bloggingA couple of years ago, I ended up in a rut blogging wise. Nothing I was writing inspired me and if I couldn’t inspire myself, how could I inspire others…
No matter how beautiful the content was, it just didn’t work and then I realised that after nine years of blogging, I had changed as a person and the layout and design of the blog didn’t fit any longer who I was and what I wanted to pass on creatively to others. Does this sound familiar?

Here comes Ana Degenaar …

Ana is a web designer who designs beautiful, minimalist Blogger and WordPress themes. Now, if you’re looking at revamping your blog, brand image, logo and find a great Designer, you only need to look at the footer of your favourite blogs and very often the web designer will be mentioned there. There is plenty of great web Designers out there but for me, it was Ana’s aesthetic and simple approach that stroke a chord.
Now, I’m not going to tell you how easy it was to work with her (it was) and how much of a difference, re-vamping the blog made a difference to my life from a creative point of view but after that, I felt the fire for blogging in my belly again.

Ana has recently released her first book: 30 days to minimal blogging and since the end of the year (and this one has been particularly s**t) and the beginning of a new one is the perfect time to look at what we achieved and what we would like to do differently next year, I thought I would invite you to consider reading this book during your holidays.

The book is broken down in 30 chapters and 6 sections, in which you will find one daily practice and no matter where you are in your blogging career — whether it’s making a living from it or trying hard to, this guide will help you all the same. The objective is to allow you to focus on the things that matter most without compromising your own personal growth and fulfillment.

I would also like to add that your blog doesn’t have to be minimalist in style to benefit from it. This is not a book for the ‘Minimalist private club’ and it’s not about living zen or living peacefully — it’s about changing your mindset and grabbing a hold of new, effective perspectives of success, your inspiration and your life’s work and I’m pretty sure a lot of things will resonate with you. I know that you are as tired as I am of the current climate and the ongoing stream of negative news and I think this book is a nice break to re-focus on what matters.

Ana also added some interviews with big influencers in the Minimalism and Mindfulness world: A Merry Mishap, Barenbrug, September Edit, Satsukishibuya, Darrenissane and myself BODIE and FOUwhich I hope you will find interesting and insightful.

I hope you enjoy it xoxo

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  1. Dear Karine,

    You have made my day!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, for talking about your struggles and for being so opened in your interview with me. People like that, who still believe is the power of community in the blogging world are hard to find and you, friend, are a gem.

    I have no words to express how grateful I am for everything. All I can do is tell you your enthusiasm, kindness and resilience has beyond inspired me.

    Thank you!!!

    Love and light,

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