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Simple lighting for your home

Simple, soothing lighting for your home

Simple lighting for your home by GamFratesiI just finished a long interview for As You Like magazine (out in Feb 2017) which is dedicated to Digital Influencers and Bloggers and one of the questions about my home was why it was so white….

White interiors and simple, beautiful white objects calm me down…

As an Aries, I’ve often been told that red is my colour but frankly, I couldn’t think of a least appropriated colour for me. I thrive on white minimalist, uncluttered, simple interiors and as it’s busy enough in my head, I really don’t need more stimulation :-)

Anyone else feeling like this!!??

Simple lighting for your home by GamFratesiThis Suspence nomad lamp designed by GamFratesi has the same calming effect and would look perfectly at home in our dining room, should I be in the market for a new light but maybe you are….

GamFratesi is a design duo formed in 2006, and consists of the Danish architect Stine Gam and the Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. Both thrive on Scandinavian functionalism and draw their inspiration from both classic Danish design and the tradition of craftsmanship, and the classic Italian intellectual and conceptual approach. I wasn’t aware of them until recently but I really like their work like this marble coffee table they designed for Gubi or this metal shelf console

Simple lighting for your home by GamFratesi

What do you think of the light? Did you know about GamFratesi?


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  1. Very tranquil! Your blog is such an incredible resource. When it’s time to renovate, I will be spending a lot of time in the archives!

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