Month: July 2017

The home office of Jacqueline Morabito

Jacqueline Morabito’s inspiring home office

French Interior Designer Jacqueline Morabito is by far my biggest inspiration in the world of interiors. I love how she combines effortlessly the simple lines of a modern building with vintage, baroque and handmade textured objects. Faithful to her signature style, Jacqueline Morabito’s home office exudes calm, peace and creativity. Black & white photography, illustrations, books and drawings are casually displayed on a wall-mounted desk while wooden. While vintage furniture adds warmth and textured accents to an all-white room. SHOP THE LOOK The two vintage Fanett chairs designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1949 pictured by the desk, beautifully contrasts with the peaceful, clutter-free monochrome room. The upper level with the door open makes me wish this lead onto a roof terrace but maybe not… I can also spot a picture of her late Architect husband Yves Bayard (1935-2008), who designed the MAMAC (Modern Art Museum in Nice) and a vintage ladder similar to the one I had sourced in a second-hand shop in London. For the little story, Jacqueline Morabito was the French Designer who inspired me to …

A beautiful Airbnb in Greece

Kalimera! A beautiful home in Greece

Greece is one of those travel destinations that ticks many boxes in my book…I love Mediterranean food and I’m quite happy to eat grilled fish, fresh salads with feta cheese and eggplants at each meal providing I don’t have to cook. The landscape in Greece is also very beautiful and as a white interiors lover, those little white houses with gorgeous blue accents scream Summer to me. Greece is also still reasonably affordable as a holiday destination. This home, located in Nisyros, a small volcanic Greek island located in the Aegean Sea between Kos and Tilos was built in 1850. Recently converted into two independent luxury apartments, it was restored by ADarchitects using only eco-friendly primary materials such as the local black volcanic stone of the island, that gives the house its special character. White on white looks always stylish, clean and inviting which is always a great thing for a holiday home. The kitchen combines modern, clean lines with rustic touches. Playing smooth materials against finishes with more textures as seen here with the pendant light and the …

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

Kate Moss by Corinne Day

This iconic picture (below) of a young Kate Moss by British Fashion Photographer Corinne Day (1965-2010) is one of my favourites. It exudes an innocence, happiness and freedom that, as mother, you are hoping to see on your children faces as long as possible. In 1993, Day was commissioned by Alexandra Shulman to photographe Kate Moss for the June issue of the British edition of Vogue. She photographed the young model (19 at the time) in her flat with her then boyfriend, fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti. For the story, Moss had an argument with her boyfriend just before the shoot and shows a vulnerability that contributed to making these images one of the most iconic of the 1990s. She also wears H&M lingerie (named Hennes at the time), which is rarely remembered or credited. The feature was aimed to be a lingerie fashion spread and, the editorial, “Under Exposed” caused a media scandal, with newspapers from the Daily Mail to The Independent claiming that the images were hideous, exploitative, verging on child pornography. Personally, these images don’t shock me. I …

denim shorts & white tee: #outfitperfection

Denim shorts & white t-shirt

#denim shorts love I photographed several girls in denim shorts and swimwear for the People from the Sea series while I was in Bali included Katia below and I had such a good feeling with her that we ended up shooting twice together. Below are a few images of our second photoshoot in Canggu. One look that I absolutely love on holidays, if not, the only one is the combo of denim shorts & white t-shirt. Simple, basic, effortless…a good old pair of denim shorts is basically all you need on holidays…ok that and maybe a nice boho dress like this one from Rachel Zoe currently 70 % OFF and this dreamy Stella McCartney maxi dress. Granted it really depends on where you’re are off to for your holidays but for a laid-back place like Bali, frankly, you really don’t need to pack much. It’s hot there. Even when it rains, it’s hot and I lived in my two pairs of denim shorts during our whole vacations updating my outfits with light cotton tops like this one from Numero …

Summer update

Summer update

A sure sign that it’s time for a change is when nothing fires me up enough to write and share on this blog. A blog which I have now curated for 10 years. So while in Bali, I worked on the re-branding. The idea of a magazine format has always appealed to me. After ten years, they are a lot of things that interest me and not just home decoration. I’m just as passionate about interiors as I’m about fashion, well-being, ageing gracefully, travelling, dealing with grief…you know all these things you want to share about life because they are meaningful and not just the latest pendant light or vase to have. So  while the girls were jumping in the pool, I spent lots of time working and trying to figure out how to re-brand the BODIE and FOU blog. I think I have now find a design that fits the effortless, simple and minimalist interiors I like to share but which will also allow me to share with you more articles on fashion, well-being, surfing and …

Eat, Surf, Love in Bali (C) Karine Kong Photography

Eat, surf, love

I have been doing a lot of soul searching recently. Photography is becoming such a big part of my creative life, I was trying to figure out how to include in this blog.