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weekend: let's go surfing in VW beetle

I’ve always longed to own a vintage VW bettle, about you!?

Well it has been a busy and tiring week going back & forth between home & Hossegor, while fighting a nasty bug that left me really tired and feverish.

For those who follow me on Instagram and stories, nothing I had planned when according to plan but that’s OK.

Mila was in Hossegor this week to take part in the surfing French Championships and to cut a long story short, she got 4th place on the podium which makes me hugely proud!

I have to say she was disappointed with her second series which wasn’t as good as the first one but given she has only two months of bodyboard under her belt, I think it’s pretty cool and I will need to share with her, a few of my tips to focus on the positive ;-)

So this wekeend, will be all about recharging our batteries, eating healthily (that part went out of the window when I got ill) and go for a long walk to get some fresh air.

If you’ve missed, I strongly encourage you to check this beautiful home in the south of Sweden , this week’s fashion edit and this article about 15 gorgeous chunky knits for a cosy fall.

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What are you up to this weekend!?

Photography: Karine Kong Photography

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  1. Good car!

    I find it so hard to eat healthily at the weekend. During the week i’m pretty good, the discipline of work keeps me eating heathily but come the weekend its cake and more cake

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