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Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home

Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia Homewares

When Mila, Lily and I got stranded in Singapore last June because there was only 6-months left on her passport to enter Bali, we stayed with my friend Sofia for a week until we received Mila’s New-Zealand passport.

During that time, Sofia took me to a lovely home decoration shop in town and that’s where I discovered Zakkia Homewares. A Sydney-based studio founded by Swedish Sara Lundgren, which produces beautiful handcrafted objects to love and cherish for a lifetime.

I fell hard for the two black ceramic pots (above on the right) and really pondered whether I should be backpacking for three weeks with ceramics in my bag. In the end, common sense prevailed (for once!) and I just took a picture of the brand to look it up later.

Once back in Europe, I spent a lot more time on Zakkia Homewares website and when I found out that our home in London was being photographed to feature in a magazine, I immediately thought of them to complement the recent rugs I put in the lounge and our bedroom and add warmth and textures to our home.Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia HomewaresThe shape and matt finish of these ceramics have a lovely, soothing organic feeling and I think initially they are sold to host small plants and succulents but I have been trying them around the house and they work beautifully against the walls of our tadelakt bathroom, or our  bedroom with white floorboard.
Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia HomewaresThe other ceramics I got are these stoneware dark grey jug and matching milk jug from H&M but they are almost sold out in the UK and I managed to find mine on the French website.Beautiful, handcrafted ceramics for your home by Zakkia HomewaresSo to make room for all these lovely goodies, I’m letting go of a few things on BODIEandFOUpreloved like this beautiful, large jar (right hand size) which I bought from Baileys Home & Garden (I have another one in France) and this beautiful white carafe designed by Nelson Sepuvelda.


  1. Caroline says

    Great post, thanks. Made me laugh about pondering backpacking with ceramics for 3 months 😂 Totally relate to that kind of irrational thinking when you find something you love!

    • I have history….once when we were living in Bristol, I attended a trade show in London with Mila in her pram and fell in love so much with the ball chair, that I bought one from the stand and headed back to Bristol in the train with the pram, the baby and the hug ball chair on top of the pram.

      Did a similar thing in Amsterdam and travelled back with a stool…luckily it was BA

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