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Try to learn to breath deeply

Un texte de William Saroyan

Such a beautiful text…

I think, these words are by William Saroyan from his book “The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze” and not Ernest Hemingway as Pinterest says it is. Would you agree?

William Saroyan was among the most reputed American writers of the early 20th century.

He would tell stories about the challenges and delights of rural America through the lens of life in the Central Valley of California.
He won a Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar and the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award.

“He is one of the most underrated writers of the century. He takes his place naturally alongside Hemingway, Steinbeck and Faulkner.” – Stephen Fry

American Authors were my dad’s favourites.
That’s all he read and he was reading a lot.
He used to have a mood board in his bedroom with pictures of all his favourite American Authors.

He was also fascinated by native Indians :-)

What are your favourite American Authors? A few years back when I still had the time to read, I devoured anything written by James Ellroy.

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