Year: 2021

Minimalist grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

Minimalist, soft grey bathroom in CASA PYLA

So excited to share with you the look of our master bathroom which features an elegant Kaldewei bathtub fitted with a built-in Sound Wave system (the dream!) When we purchased CASA PYLA in March 2019, the house had 5 bedrooms but only one bathroom which was located on the ground floor. The 4 bedrooms on the first floor had only a wash basin each. We asked our Architect from l’Atelier d’Architecture du Bassin d’Arcachon, to re-configure the space and add at least, three new bathrooms on the first floor which he managed to do. Once the layout of the rooms was done, my biggest challenge was to design three new bathrooms that would feel spacious despite their small size. Just to give you an idea, this one is only 1.92 x 2.13 m but has almost 3m high ceilings. To maintain the sense of space, I kept the bathroom open onto the bedroom without a door. If we want privacy, we shut the bedroom door. Our requirements for this bathroom were: to include a bathtub preferably a steel enamel …

Our Nivito brass kitchen tap and brass sink

Our Nivito brass kitchen tap and brass sink

Today, let me tell you all about our NIVITO brass kitchen and brass tap which I think, have added a touch of luxury to our new kitchen in CASA PYLA. As you may have seen from the various images of our kitchen posted on Instagram here, and here, this is the first time I do not design an all-white kitchen like the one we did in our home in London or our recent white kitchen makeover in our Airbnb home in France. Right from the beginning when I started thinking about how to transform this old, derelict house, I was drawn to natural tones. The house is located a 2-minute walk from a sandy beach, surrounded by pine trees. The connection to nature and its surroundings feels really strong. You can feel the ocean in the morning, the smell of the trees, and watch squirrels jumping daily from one tree to another while sipping a cup of tea. Phase 1 of the renovations As you may know, redesigning a kitchen is not a cheap process. You have …

Stylish beach slides

New slides

I was looking for some new slides to go to the beach and saw that Porte and Paire had some really great styles on Net-A-Porter. The Isabel Marant slides I have are great but I found that the sand damages the leather very quickly and I kind of what to keep them for a while. Then I came across these slides !! They are just perfect for the beach and post-surfing when my feet are wet and covered in sand. They are also very comfortable and the khaki colour goes nicely with my outfits which are often black. BROWSE MY SLIDES SELECTION

The Way I am fine art print

The Way I am fine art print

On Friday, a lovely client drove down 5 hours from Brittany to have her personal branding session with me. Below is the setup I arranged for her to have a bit of styling that represented her job (Magalie runs an ad agency) instead of just a plain white background. It was truly a lovely session and I will share some pictures soon.I had taken down THE WAY I AM oversized print off my wall for the session but took a few pictures with it the day after before I move the furniture again. I have a few THE WAY I AM in stock in 70 x 100 cm for immediate dispatch instead of the usual 3 weeks production times and I can ship it anywhere around the world. You can see it here in the home of Israeli Architect Adva Tsinman.  

Verso age defying skincare

Verso age-defying skincare

Being 52 this year, I have to admit it is the first time, I’m being self-conscious of my age. It never bothered me until now. It’s not even the number that bothers me. It’s seeing how my body ages in some areas. When it comes to skincare and make-up routines, I’m really on the low end of maintenance. I don’t wear a lot of make-up. A toner, day cream, and night cream were pretty much the only things I applied to my face for years and I was happy with that. I suspect that if you are around the same age, little by little you’ve noticed things are changing. At first, we don’t really care. The lines around the eyes are getting deeper but that’s OK. The skin on our legs seems to be dry all the time but who cares. Nobody does and you don’t until you DO care. At the moment, I’m in that zone, trying to come to terms with all these changes. I don’t know about you but I’ve always wanted to …

Insert coffee table by Ferm Living

It took me a while to find a nice, coffee table for the lounge in CASA PYLA but it wasn’t something I wanted to rush. Along with your sofa, the coffee table is a key focal point when you walk into a lounge. It’s one of the first things you notice and can often make or break a scheme. I had a very clear scheme of natural materials, colors, and organic shapes in mind for CASA PYLA. As the house is located two minutes’ walk from the beach, I wanted to use similar natural tones to the ones found at the beach. Similar to our home in London and our first home in France, it was also important to me to create a space that felt like a holiday home all year long. In those Covid times, having a home that makes you feel relaxed is important. To create a timeless, soft minimalist vibe, I favored natural materials such as linen, light wood, leather. Then I focused on keeping a soft, natural palette using shades of whites, …

Summertime fine art print (C) Karine Kong All Rights Reserved

SUMMERTIME fine art print

I’ve added a new print to the shop. I love the sense of freedom and Summer vibes that exude from this picture. I’ve just ordered it from the studio in 70 x 100 cm to hang it in CASA PYLA so I will show you what it looks like once I’ve reeeived it. I will also soon make BAYWATCH available in landscape format as I’m currently working on an XL size for a client

Geberit AquaClean in Casa Pyla

Geberit AquaClean in Casa Pyla

Each time, Steve and I renovate a house, we aim to use different materials and innovative technology. In CASA PYLA, the two tech installations we did was installing an under ceiling heating and fitting one of the toilets with a Geberit AquaClean shower toilets. What are Geberit AquaClean shower toilets? Essentially, the AquaClean shower toilets take personal hygiene to the next level. It is a convenient way to pay particular attention to intimate areas in the most gentle and natural way at the touch of a button. Each AquaClean shower toilet comes fitted with a water spray nozzle. This feature makes them extremely sanitary, both for the user and for the bathroom itself. Each AquaClean shower toilet also comes with a remote control so you can decide on the best setting appropriate to your needs or the one you are the most comfortable with. There is also a  lighting option should you wish to leave it on at night. This video shows you all the different options available and how you can adjust the height of the shower and the water …