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3 affordable, visually inspiring storage solutions

Do you have a husband/kids who leave their clothes anywhere on the floor? Gorgeous kids like mine who loves having as many colourful toys as they can to clash with your love for white interiors?
Maybe a dog and a bunny (yes we have that too)

Ok, so you know that your family home can and will look messy pretty quickly without some kind of storage solutions.

Personally, one thing that works for me to keep clutter at bay is to regularly go through our stuff on a weekly and monthly basis and throw things away, recycle, donate to charity shops etc…

If you need bits of advice, I’ve shared here 15 helpful, practical tips to declutter your home.


However as a short time solution, here are three solutions that I think are visually inspiring and won’t break the bank as you can find similar storage boxes from John Lewis and Ikea.
The White Company has also various storage cubes for the kids’ bedroom in various colours.


If your home has a white, Scandinavian, monochrome feel, white storage boxes like the ones on the first picture, are perfect. Habitat has some great-looking white storage boxes for the kitchen and if you can face going to Ikea too, they have a large choice of storage boxes in various sizes

.3 inspiring & affordable storage solutions


I love the idea of using masking tapes to label the boxes.
A few years ago, I bought 8 white boxes for Mila’s bedroom and one weekend, we labelled them together and she sorted out and put away all her little things.

She wrote what was in each box herself: “small, cuddly toys”, “Barbie”, “School things” , “doudous”, “legos”, etc…
The great thing is that as Mila did all the work herself, she felt responsible for her toys and it became a lot easier for her afterwards to know where to store her things.3 inspiring & affordable storage solutions


My favourite solution for my home office is the example below using black storage boxes with brown labels and a lovely mood board.3 affordable, visually inspiring storage solutions

Which option do you love the most and what are your tips to keep your home organised? 
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  1. I am constantly looking for the 10cm height boxes at IKEA but they seem to have out of stock ?? ;(

    I di do something with neon pink masking tape today …will see if I like it enough to leave it on in a few days ;)

  2. neon pink tape, my favourite:) I have the same problem at our home, I try to hide everything into boxes and cupboards and my studio at the moment..;( not great, the amount of stuff everywhere! need seriously more shelves, boxes…I think trip to ikea as well:)

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