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3 ways to create an inspiring cupboard for your kitchen

3 ways to update a kitchen cupboard at very little cost

It has been raining for the past two days so while we are staying in our home in France, I have been keeping myself busy doing creative things like getting the girls to paint this log in white, taking new photos of the house and creating a blue moodboard on my kitchen cupboard to freshen up the look below. If you love a bit of DIY, here are three easy ways to create an inspiring and striking cupboard for your kitchen for very little cost…

1/ For a summery feel

3 ways to update a kitchen cupboard at very little costI sourced this cupboard from a second-hand shop and paid around 20 euros. I gave it a new lease of life by painting the outside white and the inside blue grey. To add a summery feel, I used inspiring blue & white images from my favourite decoration magazines and create a happy, summer holidays mood board. Each time we open the cupboard now, we are welcome by this uplifting burst of colours in different shades of blue.

2/ For an industrial feel 
Vintage metal cabinets can be found on E-bay if you are patient, otherwise John Lewis has a good selection of Bisley cabinets and with a fair amount of elbow grease and blackboard paint, you can transform them into something looking fabulous like this black cupboard below. You can write your favourite poem or favourite recipe and get the kids to contribute…How fun is this wall decor from House of Fraser?!

3 ways to update a kitchen cupboard at very little cost

3/ For a modern country look
An old cupboard with glass doors is a wonderful way to display your collection of ceramics and crockery especially if they all have similar hues. To obtain the effect below, apply a first coat of white paint, then a second coat with grey paint and gently sand when the paint is really dry to let patches of white paint coming through.

// 1. My home in France photographed by Michael Paul | 2. Inside Out magazine | 3. Tine K 


  1. Lovely post. Its raining here in England today and any tips to brighten a home are welcome!!
    Units with bright colours on the inside are a great way to add subtle colour to a space, especially if you don’t want to overpower a current scheme, but just lift it a bit. I love the rustic display cabinet too – a beautiful piece that adds character to a space, as well as displaying all those treasures we never know where to put!!

  2. Great ideas. Love the blues of your mood board. I have a glass fronted spice cupboard in my kitchen. Inside on the back of it i stick family invites, weddings, christenings, baby notifications etc. Its lovely to see a glimpse of a memory as I reach for the tumeric!!! Happy holidays xx

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