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30-day Bikram Yoga challenge | DAY 25 (Elle Macpherson is 49!)

Ok so last night we went out with our friend Greg from New-Zealand and I had a bit (make that a lot) to drink.
As a consequence, I woke up at 4am (I never sleep well when I had too much to drink) feeling hungover but somehow, I ended up on this Tumblr.
Read her progress here. It gave me the kick in the backside I needed to go to my Bikram yoga at 6.30am (she was bigger than me when she started her journey to a healthy lifestyle) and it turned out to be a fantastic class!
La voila….I should drink more often!

It looks simple but I challenge you to do all the reps and not feeling your arms burning!

Ok bon hier soir nous sommes sortis avec notre copain Greg de Nouvelle-Zélande et j’ai un peu bu (non en fait beaucoup).
Et du coup je me suis réveilléà 4 heures de mat’ (je ne dors jamais bien après une soirée imbibée) pas très fraiche et puis je ne sais pas pourquoi mais j’ai atterri sur ce Tumblr qui m’a donné le coup de pied aux fesses donc j’avais besoin pour aller à mon cours de yoga a 6.30 du mat’ et c’était génial! 
Voila, donc en fait…je devrais boire beaucoup plus souvent!

Ca a l’air simple comme cela, mais je vous parie que vous allez avoir mal aux bras une fois que vous aurez fait toute la série!
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  1. I just did start this workout and I think I`m going to like it.What I like about it is so simple and actually feels like it`s doing something which wasn`t happening with my other routine but only time will tell.

  2. @Melanie Alexander

    yes me too, I thought I was pretty fit but I actually struggled doing the series in full without feeling the pain and I like the idea of creating lean, defined arms. A lot of her moves remind me of the positions of the arms at classical ballet and at the time, my arms were beautifully defined

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