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30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 12

A bit challenging to go to Bikram yoga without the car (read here) but I’m gonna give it a go by bus.
At the end of the day, Life will always throw challenges at our face, the question is are we going to use anything as an excuse to give up? That would be the easiest solution.
I don’t want to give up. 
This 30-day challenge is making me feel far too good to give up.
Plus one weekend off-track clean eating (I managed 50%) and I can really feel the difference between when I eat clean and healthy and when I don’t. 
On Sunday afternoon, the only place we could get food from, after our surf lesson in Bude, was from the petrol station. Needless to say that they didn’t have healthy, gluten-free options so I had a couple of brioches and ended up feeling bloated like I was 5 months pregnant so it’s back on fruits for breakfast, probiotic, 2 Lt of water and kale salads to cleanse everything quickly.

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  1. That’s very funny indeed. I’ve been following your healthy living progress and well done for keeping it going. Having recently done just a week’s Gwyneth Paltrow detox and starting back at Pilates I know exactly how you feel when you go back to eating ‘regular’ food, I find myself yearning for the good stuff. It’s all good.

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