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30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 18

OK that’s it!
I have decided that I want to live in a country when I can hang out in my shorts, white t-shirt & Marant boots all year long!
What a beautiful day we had yesterday! It was amazing! It makes such a difference when the sun is out, doesn’t it?!
Having worked 6 days last week, my recovery program yesterday included bikram yoga + lots of water + healthy food (check out recipe here), a gorgeous fruit salad and quality time with my little family.
We had a wonderful day soaking the sun in our back garden and ended up a great day with movie night al fresco…very cool!

Saturday was fabulous too at Selina Lake’s Handmade & Vintage Fair.
I saw lots of people that I only knew from Twitter and Instagram. My friend Nathalie from Mimimouse came by and bought a Shanna Murray wall sticker which she put in her daughter’s bedroom and it looks amazing!
My friend Yvonne from The Yvestown (fabulous blog if you dont know it yet!) came by and told me she is writing a book on food and wants to feature me with one of my fav recipes and I’m really excited by this because I would love too one day write a book about cooking.
I also met some really great ladies and even found some beautiful designs to add to our collection so it was a great weekend.
This week is going to be busy though, our Summer Sale is kicking off today at lunch time so watch out for our Enews in your in-box as we will have some really beautiful things on offer but as usual stock is limited. Have a great day!

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