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30-day Birkram Yoga challenge | DAY 8 Update


(C) Photography: Jean-François Jonvelle | Model: Lulu

Well, this afternoon was challenging.
After a healthy breakfast and lunch, a chocolate craving came out of nowhere and tried to tempt me. 
For an hour, I was really in turmoil (and chocoholics like me will know that it can be a real struggle). 
A part of me kept saying “come on, you can have some, just a little”, the other part was saying “no resist, it will pass…”
It didn’t pass, I spent an hour trying to convince myself that I could get away with it and straight after that no, really…I shouldn’t do it.
Giving up smoking in my nightie in the supermarket was a walk in the park in comparison to giving up chocolate!
I know, some of you will think denial is not good, I should allow myself a bit of chocolate, blabla and yes I agree.
I would have indulged a bit if I hadn’t had a few slices of the chocolate cake over the weekend but indulging again 2 days later, I felt was embarking on a dangerous territory.
The thing is, it’s indulging ‘a bit too often’ that landed me with 10 kg overweight and I didn’t want to give in. 
I didn’t want my greedy inner child to think that she could get away with chocolate cravings whenever she wanted to. I felt if I gave in, I would be back to square one and the bottom line, I have all my life to enjoy a bit of chocolate…not just 3 days in a row.
My friend Nat advised me to go for dark chocolate and somehow, that kind of released the tension. By the time I went to M&S, my willpower was stronger and I settled for a little pack of nice cherries and a few cashew nuts and eventually the craving passed.
So lesson to learn, always have a bottle of water and a fruit & some nuts in your bag!

The downside is that in the end, I didn’t make it to yoga. I felt frustrated, angry with myself… with this flipping craving, with everything that didn’t go according to plan when really it should have been a good day given the achievement of this morning.
So, I called it a day to calm down and re-focus and tomorrow, I will do 2 classes to catch up. 
A frustrating day but I won and tomorrow is another day.

On the plus side, the lovely Stylist Ellie Tennant and Photographer Rachel Whiting were shooting my home for Ellie’s upcoming book to be published by Ryland Peters & Small and took some beautiful shots of the house so I’m very much looking forward to seeing the book.
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  1. Hello !

    Can you put the credits on the picture © Jean François Jonvelle … I’m the girls on this shot, done 20 years ago.

    Important to always look for the author.



  2. Thanks Lulu, I always credit when I can find the source but I found the image on Pinterest without credit which then linked to a Tumblr without credit so I had no way of knowing who the Photographer was. Thanks

  3. Héhéhé, no problem ! Thanks for him. Great blog by the way. Just discovered it through a friend who sent me the link because of the pic.

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