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4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by

4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by

4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by4 dark bedrooms to curl up in, is how I feel right now…

Elodie and I lost a close friend yesterday. 41 years old, one boy about the same age as Mila. He was a force of nature and was the impersonification of kindness.

He used to call me “mama Nutella” (I let you guess why).

We feel terribly sad for the friend we lost, for the pain his wife is going through and his boy who is going to grow up without his dad. I feel like yelling.

One week away from Dad’s one year death anniversary, we had done our utmost to remain positive, to focus on the good things that life offers, to fill the past 12 months with lots of travels and happy memories…and that happens.4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by4 dark bedrooms to be inspired by4 dark bedrooms to be inspired byI don’t really feel like talking too much. I’m off to Barcelona later on today. I don’t care about much right now…I just wanted to let you know where I’m at and while life throws me more lemons to make some flipping lemonade nobody wants, I’ll try to hang out like a reed that bends but doesn’t break. xoxo

1.Anders Bergstedt | 2. Via My Dubio | 3. Via Interiores chic 4. Vipp


  1. katies says

    i am so sorry your heart is hurting (and your friend’s wife and son…) just yesterday, i read a quote by elizabeth gilbert that gave me comfort and courage: “turn your face stubbornly to the light and keep it there. today, this is your only job.”
    sending love and light your way.

  2. Sending so many hugs and some extra light after reading that beautiful, wise quote above. Take care lovely xxx

  3. Claire says

    I’m so very sorry for the loss of your friend. Much love to his wife and son.

    My father’s one year anniversary was in May, two days after my 40th birthday. The build up to the day was hard but the actual day was not too bad – just another day without my Dad.

    This is a dark time for you and yours. Sending you lots of love. There will be light again. X

    • Thank you Claire yes sadly it is and another person I love a lot gone. My sole consolation is that both my dad and Greg appreciated each other a lot so wherever they are, at least they will be together…

  4. Hi Karine,

    I just wanted to leave you a long over-due comment to thank you for all the blog posts you’ve ever put up. I’ve followed your blog for a very long time and last year it actually inspired me to start my own interior design blog so thank you so much. I haven’t been loving university and so my blog is a great creative springboard and release for me. I still read your blog often and I am still inspired. I have only just got into posting often and am new to the blogging community. I would be so grateful if you’d check out my blog and let me know your thoughts and maybe leave a comment. Have a lovely weekend xxx Alissia

  5. Who would not love these dark bedrooms? They are example of simplicity with beauty. These inspirations must be considered.

  6. Have to say, this has given me inspiration. Something very different to the route I would usually go down, but it is striking! Thanks for sharing this – inspiring.

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