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4 ways with a black suit

One piece of clothing I always have in my wardrobe, is black (or dark grey) suit which I wear with sleeves rolled up à la Emmanuelle Alt. I love how low maintenance yet stylish and classy this look is. I also realised years ago that it is a must-have look when you feel like death after a night out…
Black suit, black trousers, Stan Smith, style & fashion

These day, I hardly drink but teamed up with a crisp white shirt, it’s the perfect combo to look the part even when you’re feeling under the weather.
I haven’t gave in to the Stan Smith mode so I usually team up mine with an old pair of white converse during day time and high heels or Isabel Marant sneakers if I go out. 

grey jumper, black trousers, black suite, style & fashion
As Autumn in upon us in the UK, at weekends, I wear mine with this new jumper I got a few weeks ago or this cashmere one, next on my wishlist…the more I look at it the more I want it :-(
leather jacket, Caroline de Maigret, black trousers, black suite, style & fashion, fashion week, Paris,
However, my most favourite look which I wear throughout all seasons is with a white t-shirt, which I team up with either a leather jacket and a clutch (if I go our afterwards) or a jacket with sleeves rolled up.

white t-shirt, basics, black suit, black trousers, hair, cool, style & fashion, casualwear,
I often get asked when my t-shirts are from, so they are mostly from Zara, Mango (love this heart t-shirt) or Hush and while the Zara ones are my favourites because they are made of linen and the cut is often spot on, they are quite fragile.
Last season, I got about 6 of them in white, black and grey and they all ended up with holes (for the record, Zara will refund damaged items within 6 months of purchase so keep your receipts). So this year, I bought new ones which I wash by hand or low temperature and I always put them in a laundry bag to limit damaged in the washing machine.
Which look do you prefer?
// Photography 1. Death by Electrocution | 2. Make It last | 4. Lacooletchic | 4. Refinery29

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  1. Je ne me lasserai jamais de commenter tes “papiers” Fashion. Celui-là est totalement juste sans préférence pour aucun look…ils sont tous les 4 …pour moi!
    Passe une belle journée. Catherine

  2. Good to know about ZARA I got a bunch of those gorgeous linen ones in black and white with holes ! Must see if I can find my receipt Thanks!

  3. @vosgesparis I know, wasnt happy about this last year Desiree but as Elodie said, they still provide best value for money in linen and the cut is great so will see if the new batch lasts longer

  4. Je les aime tous les 4, décontractés. Ca me parait souvent trop “business woman” mais porté comme sur ces photos, le costume me parait soudain indispensable !

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