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4 ways with J. Crew basics

Once upon a time (before motherhood), I was going to New-York every two years and one of my fav’ US shops to visit was J. CREW so last year, when we went as a family, Mila and I went on a shopping trip and got lots of gorgeous things for her including a pair of New Balance we couldn’t find in the UK. Now, J. CREW has 4 stores in London and a fantastic website that ships everywhere. If you’re not familiar with the brand and the fabulous Jenna Lyons, check out these four basics:

1. THE WHITE SHIRT (the one featured below is the Bib popover)

4 ways with J. Crew basics

2. THE GREY COAT (the one featured is the Stadium-cloth hooded zip coat)

Hooded zip coat | 4 ways with J. Crew basics

3. THE CASHMERE SWEATER  (the one featured is the cashmere boyfriend jumper)

 Cashmere boyfriend jumper| 4 ways with J. Crew basics

4. THE BOYFRIEND JEANS (the pair featured is the Eastwood jeans)


Which look do you prefer?

// Photography: J. CREW


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