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5 healthy habits you should pick up right now

Healthy habits tend to go through the window by the time Xmas comes.

It is often a stressful and tiring period for everyone. We have to find the perfect gifts for everyone within the budget.
We have to ship gifts we haven’t bought yet to relatives overseas. Pay for flight tickets that cost three times the normal cost, and we drink and at more than usual.

During that time, our healthy habits go often through the window. So this year, let’s take 5 minutes to focus and pick up on 5 those wellness habits right now…not next month, not next year…but right now!!

Stop drinking coke, diet coke, or any soft drinks you are addicted to (yes if you need one a day to go through the day, it is an addiction).

There is nothing worse for your health and well-being than drinking soft drinks. These soft drinks are designed to make you craving for more refined sugars.

Forget about willpower, emotional eating.
If you want to get out of this uncontrollable spiral that keeps dragging you back to junk, unhealthy food, you need to kick off the roots of the matter and stop drinking soft drinks.

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend you watch the documentary Hungry for change. The penny finally dropped when I watched this documentary and I hope it will for you too.

Start drinking water. Keep a bottle on your desk and take a sip regularly.

Do you want a coke? DRINK WATER
Are you hungry? DRINK WATER
Are you feeling really starving? OK eat something like a fruit or some proteins but DRINK WATER first.

Often our mind tricks us into thinking we are hungry, when in fact we are stressed out or bored, so DRINK WATER

Keep making little healthy changes.

If you drink tea, replace it with green tea which is high in antioxidants and nutrients.
Riding the bus or tube to get to work? Get off a few stations before and walk listening to podcasts. You will clock 15K steps in no time if you do this each way.
Feeling sluggish in the afternoon, snack on nuts.
Craving for some chocolate? Have some 70% or 80% dark chocolate (it’s also packed with antioxidants) or have fun in the kitchen trying to bake a healthy version of your favorite cake.

You don’t have to become the Queen of healthy living right now (Rome wasn’t built in one day) but every little step you make will lead you to the big picture…a healthier and happier you

If you fell off the wagon, it doesn’t matter. Just get back on it, start again…from scratch, and re-form these good habits that made you feel good.

Do some exercise.

Find what works for you but do something that will make you feel good.
I did yoga regularly until I went to Amsterdam and then on my return, I fell off the wagon. I don’t know why.
I couldn’t get the groove back until a few days ago someone on Facebook wrote: “What about committing to going back to yoga between now and 31st?.” and that was it for me.
So I’m back on the horse and I hope something here will do the trick for you too.

Make green smoothies part of your lifestyle.
Buy yourself a Nutribullet and start making green smoothies. Click here to see the recipe of my green smoothie.

Laugh more and surround yourself with people who will make you laugh.
Let go of negative people, people that suck your energy drags you down. Instead, surround yourself with positive-thinking people. Life is too short guys!

// Photography: Brydie Mack | Model: Louise de Chevigny at Priscillas | Make-up: Isabelle Schimid


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  1. Life is indeed to short, thank you for the great tips, I feel a 100 years old at the moment so some healthy habits are just what I need!

  2. barbara says

    Nice ;-)!

    Yoga… tentant, mais où trouver un bon centre, pas trop loin, pas trop cher, argh….

    mais le rire et du bon chocolat, ahhhh, ça c’est super ;-)

  3. Barbara

    Depuis cet été je fais un cours de hot yoga à la maison que j’ai téléchargé sur http://www.yogadownload.com c’est en anglais mais il y a pleins du cours sur youtube aussi
    L’été ca va j’arrive à me lever à 6 heures du matin pour aller au cours de bikram a 6.30 mais en hiver ce n’est juste pas possible..je n’y arrive pas et du coup avec le cours à la maison je peux le faire quand je me reveille à 7 heures

  4. barbara says

    Merci bcp Karine! je vais aller jeter un coup d’oeil au site. ça m’inspire de savoir que le ‘yoga on line’ ça peut marcher! Plus d’excuses …

    Et pas de pb pour l’anglais – je suis londonienne ;-)

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  6. Dianne Nash says

    When I got work, my lifestyle has changed. I eat a lot without knowing if it is nutritious, I sleep less because of the paper works and wake up early without doing exercises to go to work. And to assess it all, I’m so stressed and look like an old woman. I decide to make a move. Despite of my hectic schedule, I want to look glowing or blooming everyday so I bought natural supplement for my stressful lifestyle and it helps a lot.

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