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5 inspiring and stunning black kitchens

Following my post on the 5 sleek, inspiring and gorgeous white kitchens that inspire our kitchen’s Masterplan, I initially considered a black kitchen especially after seeing Vipp’s black kitchen in Copenhagen.
However, I do think black kitchens stand out better when fitted in a very spacious, minimalist room like the Vipp flagship store where we had our pop-up store and Blogger styling competition last week, or one filled with natural light.
While our kitchen has a glass roof on one side, the other part has a lower ceiling and we felt, it would make the room looking even smaller rather than giving it the sensation of space we are aiming to achieve so white it is for us (this time!).

Here is a selection of the most beautiful black kitchens I came across…

5 inspiring & stunning black kitchens

I’m loving these glossy black tiles. It’s so different from what we see regularly. It feels daring and luxurious yet the wooden stool, the wooden chopping boardsthe industrial Potence wall light and the skylights add a warmth, inviting feeling to the whole room.

5 inspiring & stunning black kitchens
If I had the right space, I would have loved a minimalist kitchen like this. I hate electric appliances on display so any kitchen that can hide them away get my vote and I can just imagine the amazing styling I could do in such a kitchen…
5 inspiring & stunning black kitchens
This space reminds me of La Maison Pernoise, my friend’s concept store in the south of France where I attended a styling workshop last April. Rustic, industrial, the roughness of the walls contrasting with the sleek, black kitchen units, is a winning combination. This kitchen is by Kvik by the way…another Danish brand.
5 inspiring & stunning black kitchens
Then of course, the black kitchen designed by Morten Bo Jensen for Vipp and which has been awarded The Kitchen 2014 – Elle Decoration International Design Award.
We couldn’t have found a most perfect venue and background last week to launch our Debut print collection and the BODIE and FOU Limited Edition Vipp15 bin. 
You Are Loved print available from here.
5 inspiring & stunning black kitchens
This one, which I featured back in 2011, hasn’t aged in a bit. I’m still very much in love with its pare down, minimalist, interiors and if you click here, you will see that they have added several sky lights, which we couldn’t as we have the bathroom above. Yet one to remember…
If you are after similar pendant lights, check the Kant pendant light and the Shoreditch light

So…which one (s) is your favourite?
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  1. I was very skeptical when I first read the title of this blog. How can a black kitchen be ‘stunning’?

    But I do have to agree with you, the one’s you have chosen are stunning. They do work well in a spacious room.

    My favorite is the first one with the black tiles.

  2. There are too many cream kitchens around! The black kitchens are inspirational. I think you need a large space. Love them all, love the lighting.
    Thank you.

  3. I love pic 1 and 3 best. Love all the textures in pic 1. Black is such an incredibly strong colour that people often shy away from it. I think used correctly, black decor and furniture can look so stylish and chic. I do also like the black contrasting against the natural/rustic wood too, it softens it giving a good balance. I agree that black works well in large spaces with natural light. It depends what scene you’re after as a small space in dark hues can be cosy and intriguing. Sometimes just having one strong item of furniture in black can really complete a look, rather than ‘everything’ black. Great inspiration :O)

  4. Lyla Farrow says

    Black kitchen are a little different but are so beautiful too! Here a stunning chandelier clould make the diference! I was looking for that this week and I stumble with a new brand that I saw at Harrods, Delightfull ( and I like it so much. do you know it?
    (I adore your posts)!!

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