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5 positive habits that will improve your wellbeing

5 petites habitudes à instaurer pour améliorer votre bien-être

If you always end up feeling exhausted by the time comes Christmas/the end of the year or if you are just interested in doing things that will improve your wellbeing, I think you will enjoy this article.

I am, for the first time in over a decade, feeling great, fairly energetic, happy and definitively excited by the year ahead and the things I’m going to do and the fact that it is something I achieved despite a very painful loss, gives me a tremendous amount of joy and pride.
It’s quite a good feeling when you finally manage to do something you’ve set yourself to do ages ago isn’t it!?

So what did I do to come to this “blissful” state of mind…

Well…I spent the last couple of years reassessing what was working for me and what wasn’t. What made me laugh, feel good Vs what made me feel stressed out and I made a few changes.

So here are a few positive habits that will improve your wellbeing if you apply them in the forthcoming months…Winter look chez BODIE and FOU

{Have rituals, positive habits}

Positive habits can make a world of difference to your wellbeing.

As someone who has implemented small but durable and significant changes over the past five years, I can tell you that they work.
Some of my rituals include drinking a glass of lukewarm water (or with lemon juice) first thing in the morning, drink min. 1.5 Litre of water each day or herbal teas in wintertime, favouring fresh food to processed food and soft drinks, etc…
If this makes sense to you, feel free to read some articles I wrote months ago but which are still relevant:  10 positive things, changing your lifestyle, will do for you and 5 healthy habits you should pick up right nowMonochrome hues for a winter look at home

{Listen to your body}

When I spend a whole day, head down on my laptop, writing content for you, my lovely readers, I usually feel a tension in the back of my neck at the end of the day, don’t you!?

If you get the same, listen to your body, notice the sign of tension and next day, do things that don’t require you to put your mind and body under the same stress so that they can both recover.
Do mundane things you have put on the back burner like cleaning the house, editing some photos, spending enjoyable, guilt-free time on Pinterest, sorting out paper, decluttering a corner of your home or recycling things (read 15 helpful, practical tips to declutter your home), etc.

5 positive habits that will improve your wellbeing

Surrounding yourself with things you love and find beautiful, will make you happy just by looking at them…

{Take comfort in simple things}

Surrounding yourselves with pretty things you love and taking comfort in life’s simple things is a great way to improve your well-being.

For me, it’s working from our kitchen table with a gorgeous scented candle on.
This Rare Earth scented candle reminds Mila of our home in London. Personally, I love this rhubarb candle which perfumes the room even unlit…

It’s Steve’s Sunday roast which is SO good that I rate it higher than chocolate.

It’s relaxing in the comfort of my own home drinking my favourite tea with a gorgeous cup in my hand. The one I’m holding is from Murmur,  a company I recently came across and which has a really nice collection of relaxed and easy to live with, home accessories.

And it’s us three watching a family movie on Sunday afternoon wrapped in a warm throw.  This grey, black & white woollen throw took my breath away when I unpacked it.
It’s not often that you see something looking better in real life than on a website and this throw is one that I’m going to cherish and appreciate during the cold season.

Woollen throw, cups & candles from Murmur, Photography & styling by BODIE and FOU

A new throw, some lovely cups, something you’ve made & cherished can all contribute to make your space special and improve the way you feel

Gorgeous woollen throw from Murmur

{Feel grateful}

Gratefulness is something I have been focusing a lot since the beginning of the year and if you’ve read this article: 5 feel-good things to do this year, which I wrote in January this year, you may have too.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The Secret” and while the title and editing are completely naff and silly, the message from various authors like Jack Canfield who wrote “Chicken soup for the soul”, a book I read 20 years ago, stroke a chord with me.

One guy said he had a “gratitude stone” in his pocket so each time, he touched it, he would say something grateful. I love the concept!!
So I have been carrying one for the past few days  and each time, I touch it, I thank “whoever up there in the universe” for the carpark space just next to the shop I wanted to go in, I thank people buying things from me so I can declutter our home or for having a great job doing things I love, etc…

Before you ask me where you can buy these “gratitude stones”, they are not for sale. You can just pick one from your walk on the beach or in the park. I always pick up smooth stones on the beach and now, I will give them to friends as gifts too.

Wintery look from BODIE and FOU

Scented candles are among my favourite ‘simple things’ in wintertime

For the story, I mentioned this to my mum and her reaction was “not everybody has pocket” which made me burst out laughing as it was so significant of her state of mind :-)5 positive habits that will improve your wellbeing

{Stop feeling guilty for taking some time off}

One mistake I made for ten years while running my business until I got hit by mild depression and I finally got the freaking message, was to push myself constantly, working around the clock, never stopped, never switched off and feel guilty if I was taking some time off…

If that rings a bell, stop right there!

I don’t wish to anyone to be hit by depression or to go through a burnout.
In my case, I see this as a blessing because I think I needed a massive message for me to pay attention but what I learnt is that there is really a different way of working while achieving better results and that doesn’t involve working around the clock.

I know this is a tricky message to take on and accept especially if you’re running your own business but in order to improve your wellbeing, you need to time spent on meditation, visualisation, going for a walk, etc will have a much better and positive impact on your well-being AND success at work than working around the clock and if it’s a topic that is interesting to you, I will be glad to share what I learnt from running a successful business for ten years yet feeling completely stressed out by the time I sold it.

Did you find any of these tips useful? What are the simple things you appreciate the most?  Are they time alone, family time? When you work out or when you chill out with a good book!? I would love to hear them…

Posted in partnership with Murmur; a UK company that has gorgeous products, all views my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support BODIE and FOU

All photography by Karine Köng | Facebook | Instagram (please follow me there!)

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  1. Frederique says

    I love your mum’s comment! Made me laugh out loud😀. Great tips, (small) positive habits are of great importance to me,for my well being. Another one is to regroup regularly with my husband and kids. It can be lunch, dinner, a walk, a film or a good discussion… But it keeps the bond strong. That makes me happy too and keep up all in balance💚

    • yes so typical of her :-))) We do this too with Steve & Mila, having impromptu lunches together and this afternoon, as Mila didnt have school, they went clothes shopping together :-)

  2. Thank you for your words, and I wish you and your family merry christmas and a happy new year from cologne, Frida

  3. Karen Barlow says

    Thank you for all these positive tips. Your mums comment really resonated with me, that’s just the sort of thing my mum would say! Very funny though. I’m going to check out the Netflix documentary so thanks for pointing me in the direction x

  4. Lovely article – thank you for sharing. I love the idea of carrying a smooth stone to ground my thoughts and bring me back to appreciating the present. Thank you for the timely reminder to slow down. Love to you guys and your mum too – her comment is super, made me smile! Xx ps glad all is so great with you, you deserve it x

  5. Sofiqul Isalm says

    This is great post. I am really happy to visit your content. Thanks for shearing, Please keep up…

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  7. Shella says

    Hey there – I’ve been a fan/follower of your work etc for a long time – even since your lovely home appeared in one of the japanese paumes books way back, and I’ve followed your accounts on instagram too BUT for some reason I had never read your blog – I don’t think I was aware of it! Well I’m so glad that I have now rectified this! I have just spent the last hour catching up on lots of your posts and so many of your posts have struck a chord with me. I also lost my Dad around the same time as you too and that has led me on a journey of discovering me again, being kinder and believing in myself more and being more at ease with who I am – which is a person I let slip for a long time. I just wanted to say I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog and will now make sure I read every post. Thanks for the years of inspiration and heres to many more. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s beautiful. Thank you xx

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