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5 things I want right now!

5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 18 December 2014

There are some fab things in the sale at the moment like this nice embroidered heart t-shirt at only £9.99 or this blue cardigan that looks very comfy (also available in black or grey here). I also have a soft spot for this blue sweatshirt but it’s because I love sweatshirts.

Since we are spending the holiday in London (first time in 15 years), beside playing tourists, I’m planning to spend one day, sorting out my wardrobe to start fresh with pieces I really like and get rid of the rest….new beginnings.


5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 18 December 2014

Here are 5 things that I could wear in and out…

1. This beautiful blazer by Isabel Marant (can’t wait to wear my watch in a few days!!). It’s a great investment piece, very versatile which you can wear in the evening or during daytime over a simple white t-shirt

2. this pair of boyfriend jeans from Current/Elliot. Massive fan of their collection! I also have my eyes on this sweatshirt and their denim jumpsuit

3.these beyond-this-world leopard print ankle boots from Miu-Miu 

4. This facial cleanser from Aesop and I can’t get enough of their fragrances.

5. and this sequin v-neck sweater which I think is fab. I’m also craving for a comfy pair of sheepskins boots…love them or hate them (I love them) until someone comes up with anything more comfortable than these than I will stick to that.



  1. The watch in your original post with the white face and silver strap – was that the one you went for? I couldn’t find it through the link, wanted to add it to my wish list!

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