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5 things I want right now!


How are you doing guys? I had a pretty tough week, mostly because our site has been experiencing technical issues and for an online shop, it’s never good news but I’m trying to keep my spirits up by focusing on my fitness goals. I went for a run yesterday and felt sooo good afterwards, sport is really salvation. It doesn’t solve everything but it really helps you to handle stress in a much better way. I hope you’re still very focused on your goals too. Don’t give up! Just focus on one day at the time and trust the process. If you eat clean and exercise daily (be it an intense cardio circuit, a walk, a run or yoga), just make sure you make it part of your lifestyle. Eventually it will pay off and think how much fun we will have wearing all the things we want or look at our wardrobe without ever thinking “this doesn’t fit me”

5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW!  30/01/2015


1/ Out of the 5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! this week is, this fabulous leather jacket. If you haven’t got one yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s such a versatile piece of clothing which goes perfectly with trousers or skirts and on the subject to skirts, check out this gorgeous sequin skirt!

2/ I also love this pair of cropped trousers currently in the sale at £11.99. What a bargain!

3/ This monogramme shoulder bag by Yves Saint Laurent is a beauty!

4/ and I love these Suede and glitter finish leather pumps by Isabel Marant to go with the cropped trousers or a short skirt if you have the legs for it.

5/ This year, my wish list includes getting my hands on one of Marant’s iconic and timeless embroidered tops.


  1. Love the jacket, pants and shoes. Moins fan du sac trop siglé et du top (je préfère une simple chemise blanche volée à mon homme) MAIS combinaison du tout impeccable. Je suis à fond dans le cuir comme tu as pu le voir. Je rêve donc du jour où tu viendras constater à l’atelier la qualité de la “fabrication française”. Le cuir est une sacrée matière (avec le papier bien sûr)!!! En attendant encore beaucoup de boulot de “dépoussiérage” mais je devrais y arrive un jour. Bon courage pour tes soucis technico-techniques. A bientôt. C

  2. Oui le logo est un bling bling mais j’aime bcp la forme du sac. Ma mère en avait un comme ca que je lui ai piqué il y a qqs années mais je ne m’en suis pas encore servi. Je vais voir la semaine pro qd je suis de retour sur Londres.
    Il me tarde de voir ta ligne cuir…j’espère qu’elle ira aux naines comme moi? :-) Bises

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