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5 things I want right now!


5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 20/03/2015Earlier this week, I had the chance to preview the new SS15 Hush collection including their first ever beachwear collection and I spotted these two great dresses. They are not online yet but let me tell you then when they are, I will definitively snap the black one and they have a gorgeous little black top with handmade embroidery.

In the meantime, I’m ordering these white boyfriend jeans, this gorgeous leather top and this glitter clutch which looks much nicer than in the catalogue! If you want to tone up your arms to wear the top above, try this Tracy Anderson work out (long version here but it’s a killer!)

My favourites this week are

1/ Be Happy, kind of obvious but the more I reach my well-being & fitness goals, the more I feel happy inside

2/ This is the top I’m ordering! It is just plain beautiful, stunning leather, lovely cut…just perfect

3/ This Miu Miu shoulder bag would be great to wear with it.

4/ I love wearing silver in winter and I treated myself to this pretty heart pendant necklace for Mother’s Day but in summertime, when I sport a tan, I love wearing gold and this pineapple cuff is divine. On the subject of being tanned, another thing I’ve decided is that I will no longer spend hours on the beach to roast. I will get a spray tan and then protect my skin at the beach. I feel my skin has improved massively since I’ve switched to clean eating and it doesn’t make sense to ruin this with too many UVs.

5/ Mango got some really nice trousers in their new collection and I thought this pair of black trousers would be just perfect.

Have a fabulous day. Drink water and eat healthily ;-)


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