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5 things I want right now!


5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 27/03/2015Today’s post is inspired by my sister‘s look yesterday…

1/ She was wearing a long, light parka suitable for Paris’ rainy weather (today the sun is shining) but this new military jacket is right on trend and perfect for Spring

2/ We are both fans of white t-shirts with V-neck and these from Hush are great and stay in shape.

3/ She was wearing it with an Isabel Marant biker jeans from last season but these cropped skinny jeans would look great too

4/ and a pair of Stan Smith that she didn’t want me to try on because she is 36 and I’m 37 but I tried them on anyway for a split second when she was in the kitchen and they are super cool!!

5/She had a really nice black shoulder bag from Polder similar to this Jerome Dreyffus bag

Today is sunny so we are off out and about. Have a great day and stay healthy!



  1. Kaki et blanc, tout a fait d’accord : the best mix and match. Love the bag et pareil ce marron écureuil type cuir naturel, c’est parfait! Vous déchirez les soeurs Kong!

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