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5 things I want right now!

5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 17/04/2015 www.karinecandicekong.com

5 THINGS I WANT RIGHT NOW! 17/04/2015 www.karinecandicekong.comI’m so excited it’s almost the weekend…I have been drinking salted water to bring back my low blood pressure to normal and I can feel my energy coming back and the weather is just glorious!!! So here is what I really want this week!

1/ I love this Oui c’est moi t-shirt from Mango, which reminds me of this old Cacharel TV commercial from 1988 and in fact, if you’re in the mood for shopping, Mango has some fantastic pieces in the sale like this belted wrap dress, this texture cropped blouse (only £9.99!) and this stud panel t-shirt.

2/I have also been obsessing by these this boyfriend jeans and these ones from G-Star

3/I love this pair of sunglasses from Prada

4/I normally don’t do bling-bling but I think when it’s a gold Casio, retro bling-bling is totally permitted during the Summer

5/and while I love a pair of stilettos, these white plimsolls are just perfect for the weekend and to head to the beach.

Have a fab weekend! PS: Our linen scarves at 30% OFF are almost gone, hurry up!



  1. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Thanks again for inspiration- thrilled to hear your body’s mojo is on a rebound:-) It’s interesting what these little hiccups are really meant to teach us, this week’s been a small challenge here as well..been trying to stay on the positive and grateful side of’ shit happens’:-)
    Love the fact that if I run my eyes over these last few style blogs they sum up the perfect wardrobe … And I might just browse through cupboards and find I own a few already… Amazing what a new way of looking can achive

  2. You’re welcome Lene. I was frustrated at first but in fact I think it’s my body telling me that I need to keep eating clean, make some small adjustements and most importantly, keep getting rid of all the stressful things in my life and it’s not gonna stop until I get it right :-)
    Have a fabulous weekend!

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  4. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    I understand frustration but positive you’re right! Have a nice one too- think weather will be nice all over:-) I’ve been exercising this Saturday by helping daughter move 5 flight of stairs in Copenhagen..but we had great time just the two of us.. Felt strong and confident and very hungry after:-)

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