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5 things I want right now!

5 things I want right now!

Last year I bought 5 jumpsuits and most of them have been great investment, meaning I wore them weekly each Season (except maybe a black one from Mango which I’ll put on Ebay when I’m back in London). For me, a great investment is based on the cost per wear ratio. Meaning, the cost of the item Vs the number of times I will wear the item.

This is how I justify to spend $$$$ on a pair of Dicker ankle boots by Isabel Marant, (which to be honest I wear day in day out during the Summer and have for the past 3 Summers)…and it’s why it’s also good to mix great designer pieces like this Winter coat by Marant, which you are likely to wear a few Winters and things from the high-street or more affordable online brands like Hush, ASOS, Boden or French Connection.

5 things I want right now!1/I’m just starting to search for a new jumpsuit and this one from Mango looks great for work followed by a night out. Incidentally, this month on Mango, if you buy two items you get 30% off and more…

2/ this gorgeous coat from Isabel Marant (check out her studio in Paris here)

3/ this set of black & white masking tapes because now that our home is coming together, it’s time to create new family mood boards around the house.

4/ This NEW Tropical print by Kerry Layton and the BONJOUR print (which is flying off the shelves!) to welcome our guests at home with a bit of Frenchness…

5/ and this black La Tropezienne bag by Clare Vivier. I had the tan version a few years back when we were stocking Clare Vivier in the shop and to these days, it’s still one of my favourite tote bags!



  1. Barbara says

    Encore une très belle sélection!
    Au fait, pourrais-tu me dire d’où viennent les ‘pendent lights’ sur la photo avec l’affice Paris sur ton site?
    Merci d’avance!

  2. C’est une photo prise dans le loft de ma copine Nathalie a New-York. Elle les avait achetées dans un magasin au Canada et ne se souvient plus du nom mais elle va voir si elle peut retrouver l’info.

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