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5 things I want right now!

5 comforting and soothing I want to wear right now. Read on www.karinecandicekong.com

5 comforting and soothing I want to wear right now. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comLast time I did a 5 Things I want right now, Mila and I were off to stay with some friends for a wonderful weekend and then Life happened. It has been three weeks now. Some days are good, others are bad and others really bad. I’m trying to go with the flow, to bend not to break. I feel I have little to give so the little amount goes to my family, my sister, my brother, my mum so we can try to go through this together and come out on the other side stronger, closer and eventually happy again.

These days, I’m all for anything comforting and soothing…soft cashmere jumperssoft linen to sleep in, the sweet smell of baking filling the house and things with a happy vibe.

As I mentioned it on Instagram early this week, I had started to work on a new series of prints but given the circumstances, I’ve decided to not put additional pressure on myself and take my time so we will launch the new prints in 2016. In the meantime, we will discontinue a few from the first series like the Let It Go, Home is Where my Family is (only 1 left) and Be Kind to Yourself. So here is my selection for this week:

1. An oversized winter coat from Alexander McQueen or this more affordable version from Mango

2. A warm, soft cashmere jumper to wear days in days out

3. this gorgeous canvas bag

4. this cool pair of New Balance in grey vintage

5. and these comfy yoga trousers from Mango.

Have a great weekend!



  1. One of my best friends from school took their life 8 years ago on Halloween. It took a long time to work through – in some ways I still am working through it. He left behind a lot of good memories and sometimes those are the only things that help. Don’t expect too much of yourself – just go day by day. And when you can, remember the good stuff.

  2. Lene Estvad Christoffersen says

    Dear Karine… I will ditto all in Michelle’s message..and a big virtual hug. I hope you will continue hearing your dad’s voice talk to you ..Some days activating a smile on your lips others a tear may trickle down. I myself cherish these moments of perpetual closeness to my dear beloved and painfully missed dad.
    So much will stay with you and our minds very kindly has a filter allowing the most precious moments to pertrude..
    I wish you a comfy weekend with your crew.

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