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5 things I want right now!

5 Things I want right now to rock the off-duty look. Read on www.karinecandicekong.com

5 Things I want right now to rock the French off-duty look. Read on www.karinecandicekong.comWhen you can’t be bothered to get dressed and PJ day is not an option, teaming a good old Breton jumper with boyfriend jeans is the perfect combo for an off-duty look à la French. After four days at The Design Junction followed by a day of procrastination, I almost feel like today should be a Pyjamas day but since it’s Friday and I still have work and errands to do, here is my off-duty look for today.

1. When it comes to t-shirts, I usually get my linen t-shirts from Zara and cotton t-shirts from Hush and this new Etoile tee is pretty cool .

2. My off-duty look often means wearing a grey sweatshirt but since I’m back in the Bay of Arcachon*, a good old Breton jumper, seems highly appropriate. You’ll find a Breton jumper in the AW15 Isabel Marant collection but when it comes to basics, I’m a purist and love classic cuts so personally, I much prefer the version by A.P.C. or my navy one from Saint James.

3. A teapot filled with green tea and scented candle are two things that make me feel peaceful and centrered when working from home. What about you?

4. I usually pair my boyfriend jeans with Stan Smith (and by the way, Zalando is where I found them to be the cheapest) but today I will hang out in a comfy pair of sheepskin boots.

5. and these boyfriends jeans from Current/Elliott which are fab!

*If anyone is interested, our home is available for rent during the next school holidays from 17th to 31st October 2015.



  1. Sarah says

    Love this look. I’m quite fussy about t-shirts but this étoile one is perfect – might have to do a little Sunday internet shopping!

  2. Sounds good to me! I got the V-neck from Hush I posted in the last 5 Things I want… I think and they are very good and soft. Have a great Sunday and thanks for leaving a comment, I really appreciate :-)

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