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5 things I want right now!


Hello everyone, I had a little break from the blog during the holiday but as you can see on Instagram, I was busy getting healthy, making my daily green smoothy and trying different combos. I also gave up alcohol a week before New Year’s Eve. I’m not really missing it and in comparison, giving up coke zero was a lot harder but I feel so much better. I’m drinking lots of water throughout the day and make sure I eat a balanced, healthy diet with plenty of leafy greens and proteins (no crazy diet). Back to fashion, there are some amazing pieces to grab right now in the sale.


1. I love, love, love these slim-fit leather trousers from Mango at 30% OFF. An easy, fashion look to wear with ankle boots, the linen t-shirt I usually get from Zara Summer collections and this soft cashmere jumper to wear bare skin (SO nice).

2. This beautiful ice and fur jacket at £144 instead of £180 by Hush which incidentally, has some pieces I’ve blogged about throughout the year in their pre-sale. Check out the wanderlust jacket and this quilted dress in aubergine. This belted wool blend coat from Mango has been on my radar for a while and is now down from £169.99 to £99.99. Beautiful in navy, it’s also available in camel for a more classic look

3. This fab monotype notebook at 25% OFF to keep in your handbag to keep track of your fitness journey and moods.

4. These sneakers from Isabel Marant at 40% off are a must-have and if you are going to wear them as much as I wear mine, they are definitively a great investment. Talking of Marant, I love the Isabel Marant watch I got for Christmas and the utilitarian look of this jumpsuit down by 30% OFF.

5. and this red mini sac by Clare Vivier which is very practical and big enough to carry passport, purse and phone if you travel.

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