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5 things I want right now!

5 things I want right now! For more fashion inspiration, go to www.karinecandicekong.com

I’m being super efficient this year with my Christmas shopping this year. Everything I bought so far was online from either Elias & Grace, Smallable or John Lewis where I finally found this 3-D puzzle with lights Mila really wanted and I’m glad to report that my Christmas gift to myself is also sorted :-) I pondered whether I should go for this watch or this one and in the end, I decided that the timeless design of the latter and the fact that it was Marant would mean that 1) I would wear it for years and 2)  it would still be a nice watch to pass on to Mila when she is older and as it is a Limited Edition, it is not going to be around forever!

5 things I want right now! For more fashion inspiration, go to www.karinecandicekong.com

1/ I also love this embroidered Georgette top by Isabel Marant (pretty, isn’t it!?)

2/ To go with it, these leather shorts from Mango would be fab. In fact, Mango has new things in their collection and there are quite a few pieces that caught my attention such as this pretty bead embroidery jacket, this tassel shift dress or this very sexy asymmetric strop top and this black blazer.

3/ Speaking from experience, the ankle dickers boots will make your legs look slimmer with the rolled-up waist shorts or the leather ones featured above.

4/ During my search for a new watch, I came across Uniform Wares (have you heard of them?). If you are on the look-out for nice, unisex watches, then you will love their collection. I thought this C35 watch with its polished Milanese strap was looking rather stylish. I also love the black Zadig & Voltaire here

5/ and then last but not least, this long, soft cardigown from Hush and this twisted snood to stay warm.

By the way, the Zadig & Voltaire sale have kicked off and if you enter the code FREJAPSH14, you get an additional 10% off sale items.



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