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5 things I want right now!

Thanks to all of you and your votes, I’ll go to the Amara Interior Blog Awards on 5th November so I’ve started looking for something to wear…
I’m not much of an evening dress kind of girl. I much prefer wearing a pair of black, feminine trousers with a pair of high heels (preferably one from L.K. Bennett) or a sexy jumpsuit

5 things I want right now!

1/ I bookmarked these black trousers a while back and I keep going back to them. I love the shape. I had a similar pair from Benetton over 10 years ago, make that 20 years ago (gee!) and it was one of the most flattering cut I ever worn, added to the fact that these ones have a soft shiny material kind of make them perfect for the evening.
2/ I don’t need another Winter coat* since I got mine very recently but I love this one from Steve Alan (this one is pretty cool too!).
3/ Do you need a bag? I need a bag. I have been living out of a suitcase for the past 4 months during the renovations, mostly hanging out in boyfriend jeans and now that they are coming to an end, I’m craving for an upgrade. My favourite one is this bag. I’ve seen quite a few totes I like and that will be an entirely different post but this one is one of my favourites.
4/ If I could go to a night out wearing one of these t-shirts, I would be quite happy but I suspect I’m going to have to raise my game a bit. Anyway, I thought I would bookmark this oversized vintage one which is very much the style and fit I usually go for.
5/ and these ankle boots…not to wear with my leather trousers but still, they are very nice, aren’t they!?
What piece do you love the most?

*If you do, check my selection of the best Winter coats from Mango at 30% off

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