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5 things I want right now!

5 things you want right now! 29/01/2016

5 things you want right now! 29/01/2016And just like this, we are ending the first month of 2016, isn’t this crazy!

I’m still working on my three lists but this week I have pinned down my top three priorities which felt great and since I have been working out just after Christmas, I can start seeing results on my upper body.
How is going for you?
I’ve also added a new category: “Personal” on the blog to keep together the most personal posts on motherhood, weight issues. grief, etc…but Friday is fashion day post so let’s have fun with today’s look

1/Black top and grey skinny jeans by MIH jeans are part of my wardrobe staples

2/ Loving this Bryce winter coat (30% OFF) by Stella McCartney

3/This Madeleine shoulder bag and black nail varnish

4/ Dicker boots by Isabel Marant

5/ and this Ivy jumper (40% OFF) from Hush, very similar to the one I posted on Facebook this week.



  1. I’m back at the Gym! My butt checks are feeling it!
    Love those boots and the Jumpers, I do like a slouchy jumper to relax in.

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