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5 Things I Want Right Now!

5 Things You Want Right Now! Rock chic look

5 Things You Want Right Now! The Rock chick lookWhat do you do when you haven’t slept well? I tend to grab the first things I can find in my wardrobe and usually they are black so I don’t have to engage any part of my brain to work if any of the pieces I picked work together. Today is one of these days. READ ON…

1/This Ines shoulder bag by Chloé is beautiful don’t you think?

2/This Onyx biker jacket is a wardrobe staple

3/ and I would wear it with either this tee-shirt (featured above) or this one (both are 60% OFF)

4/If you haven’t got them yet, these Isabel Marant Beckett sneakers are super comfy and worth the investment

5/and I also recommend these very affordable ripped skinny jeans from Mango

What are your favourite pieces? What do you wear when you haven’t slept enough? :-)



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