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8 pretty hairstyles for the Summer

8 coupes de cheveux pour l'été

During Summertime, I like to go for hairstyles that are fairly low-maintenance, like the beach wave or something shorter easy to style.
When the sun is out, we should be outside enjoying the nice weather while it lasts instead of being stuck in the bathroom, right!?

Right now, my hair is far too long so most of the time, it ends up tied up in a messy bun when I work on my laptop, in a ponytail when I go surfing and down when I go out so it would be nice to get something a bit shorter and fresher for the holidays. Here are 8 haircuts that caught my eye for this Summer and which may work for you too.8 pretty & practical hairstyles I love for the Summer1. Cameron 2. Sienna 3. Alexa 4. Clemence

8 pretty & practical hairstyles I love for the Summer5. Jules 6. Vanessa 7. Uma 8. Nadia8 pretty & practical hairstyles I love for the Summer

Which haircut do you prefer? I’m loving Uma’s…I think it’s super cute, don’t you think!?


  1. Marie says

    Love them all! I had ‘the chop’ in an Alexa-ish style (but with more of a fringe) and my nieces have complimented me on the change.It’s very youthful and pretty low-maintenance and that’s good enough for me. Sienna’s hairstylist is an old friend of my family and has cut many of my family’s hair but not mine! (yet…)

  2. i had hair like this about 4 years ago and I’m very tempted again, but my hair grows so ridiculously slow so not sure if I want to risk it:), can’t wait to see your new hairdo! x also it would be lovely of the haircut would always look like the one on Uma:), my hair goes a bit crazy in this length :)

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